10 to 15 years for a culture of drone vernacular

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What began as a well-written entry on drones in the news and different stories that all came together in my imagination ended up like this because I goofed when pulling the links in and didn’t save the post!

There are several key articles in the news that point the way to someone soon pulling all the required pieces together and making drones a part of our daily lives. I don’t mean just a word we know but such a part of regularity they’re as normal then as smart phones are now.

Think about what it took to get smartphones so normal that the idea of a cell phone company not offering a smartphone seems silly when just a dozen years ago, that sort of connect-on-the-go functionality really required access to a cyber cafe for anything other than text-versions of sites and email.

It took a visionary to pull together the required bits and pieces and jump legal hoops and muscle manufacturing impossibilities at the time to make that first iPhone possible. There is nothing to say someone isn’t waiting in the wings this very minute ready to do the same with drones.

Drones are registered in the US at a 10:1 ratio with registered drone operators! There are 1.3 million registered drones for 116-thousand operators – that’s a wild ratio that suggests the clients, money and willingness are already in place even if you and I are scratching our heads, unsure how a drone would fit into our lives.

U.S. proposes to allow drone operation at night, over people | Reuters
Wireless charging hotspots lets drones fly forever through in-air recharges
Japanese billionaire Masayoshi Son’s world of A.I. control
and the song in the middle attack, Urgent by Foreigner

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