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A list of 20 links made into shortcuts or bookmarks or short URLs or whatever you’d like to call them. Hand-picked and updated automatically about three times a day. This is sort of like the whiteboard of articles most likely creating techxiety.

  1. Exclusive: Google cancels AI ethics board in response to outcry - Vox
    Posted: Apr 05 at 2:58PM

  2. Russia Orders Major VPN Providers to Block 'Banned' Sites - TorrentFreak
    Posted: Mar 29 at 1:40PM

  3. Microsoft says FCC’s broadband report ‘overstates’ high-speed availability | PC Gamer
    Posted: Mar 20 at 11:24PM

  4. How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Science | Quanta Magazine
    Posted: Mar 18 at 11:26AM

  5. If This Goes On: The Science Fiction Future of Today's Politics by Cat Rambo, Zandra Renwick, Chris Kluwe, E. Lily Yu |, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®
    Posted: Mar 07 at 10:42AM

  6. Infinite Detail: A Novel by Tim Maughan described as Post-Internet Apocalypse
    Posted: Mar 07 at 10:25AM

  7. Mario Batali gives up his restaurants
    Posted: Mar 06 at 6:28PM

  8. The NSA Makes Ghidra, a Powerful Cybersecurity Tool, Open Source
    Posted: Mar 06 at 3:02PM

  9. Anti Drone technology and the difficulty of tech garbage | Snakebite Café
    Posted: Mar 06 at 2:02AM

  10. Introduction to Computers: Hardware and Software
    Posted: Mar 05 at 8:38PM

  11. anti drone technology - Google Search
    Posted: Mar 05 at 8:37PM

  12. Recycling Breaks Down: US Struggles to Keep Plastic From the Dump - NBC Southern California
    Posted: Mar 05 at 8:34PM

  13. Dying social robot Jibo goes out with a song and a dance - The Verge
    Posted: Mar 05 at 4:01PM

  14. A Teachable Moment
    Posted: Mar 05 at 1:00PM

  15. Facebook won’t let you opt-out of its phone number ‘look up’ setting – TechCrunch
    Posted: Mar 04 at 12:19PM

  16. Fortnite dance lawsuits are bad for copyright and bad for culture - The Verge
    Posted: Mar 01 at 2:56AM

  17. Why you should choose a pseudonym at Starbucks
    Posted: Feb 26 at 1:06PM

  18. Anon (2018) - IMDb
    Posted: Feb 25 at 11:40PM

  19. Magic Leap CEO: We're dead serious about the 'Magicverse' | VentureBeat
    Posted: Feb 25 at 4:19AM

  20. The $330-buck Handbook of Research on Technoethics's 100-page Google Preview
    Posted: Feb 24 at 7:55PM