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A list of 20 links made into shortcuts or bookmarks or short URLs or whatever you’d like to call them. Hand-picked and updated automatically about three times a day. This is sort of like the whiteboard of articles most likely creating techxiety.

  1. How to back up your Tumblr before the porn ban - The Verge
    Posted: Dec 08 at 2:53AM

  2. Make your own ‘Die Hard’ tree ornament : theCHIVE
    Posted: Dec 07 at 12:42PM

  3. Moral Machine
    Posted: Dec 06 at 4:03PM

  4. Small Buildings of Kyoto: Volume II | Kyoto Journal
    Posted: Dec 05 at 10:30PM

  5. NCIS News
    Posted: Dec 04 at 1:04PM

  6. U.S. Military Members Catfished and Hooked for Thousands of Dollars | Threatpost | The first stop for security news
    Posted: Dec 04 at 12:53PM

  7. Norton Core Router | Secure WiFi Router
    Posted: Dec 04 at 2:15AM

  8. What is MU-MIMO and why you need it in your wireless routers | Network World
    Posted: Dec 04 at 2:14AM

  9. Samsung 5G home router wins FCC approval ahead of Verizon's 2018 launch | VentureBeat
    Posted: Dec 03 at 6:22PM

  10. Home Routers Under Attack by NSA-Spawned Malware: What to Do
    Posted: Dec 01 at 5:59PM

  11. Cleopatra Cole's Hover (2018) - IMDb
    Posted: Nov 30 at 12:15AM

  12. Amazon debuts new self-driving racing league with tiny machine learning-powered race cars – GeekWire
    Posted: Nov 29 at 5:56PM

  13. Amazon, the Future Model and Mainstream | Snakebite Café
    Posted: Nov 28 at 9:08PM

  14. https://www.raspberrypi.org/
    Posted: Nov 28 at 8:52PM

  15. Amazon, With Little Fanfare, Emerges as an Advertising Giant - WSJ
    Posted: Nov 28 at 8:50PM

  16. This Linux virus is a total jerk, even by malware standards
    Posted: Nov 28 at 8:48PM

  17. The Python Challenge
    Posted: Nov 28 at 2:25AM

  18. Just 10 percent of Finnish consumers use cash | Yle Uutiset | yle.fi
    Posted: Nov 26 at 10:27PM

  19. Cash | The State of Cash: Preliminary Findings from the 2015 Diary of Consumer Payment Choice
    Posted: Nov 26 at 10:19PM

  20. Hacker backdoors popular JavaScript library to steal Bitcoin funds | ZDNet
    Posted: Nov 26 at 10:11PM