5G and managing our expectations

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Happy New Year! Snakebite Cafe is testing other conversation topics in other locations and in the meantime, getting all excited for technology scheduled to come to us this year and next.

With the new years starting out with the Consumer Electronics Show, it’s just been a whizbang of new ideas and snoop-grade technology in the roll call of what’s hitting the news wires. Old favorites return with new spins and this year, to make everything more obsolete and guarantee we’ll be rushing back to the store, there’s the New Radio that is 5G.

5G is very much needed with a world more full of Internet of Things but it’s so unlike anything before it that consumers will be bonking into each other to fetch the latest tech remotely capable of utilizing 5G connections.

Making the connections live sees the tech industry bonking into rivals and the FCC and harsh deadlines for new approaches. Companies will not be able to ride the currently installed framework of 4G just as we have to upgrade, so will they.

Upgrading is the real thing from top to bottom. There can’t be a substitute to it and where there is it will be a deserved hornet nest: The US midwest won’t get upgraded according to one proposition that looks to alter the federal benchmark measurements of “Broadband.” Words mean things and 5G also means something very specific.

Confusion is set to rain down this year. This is your umbrella.

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