A Look Into Investigative Reporting (How To)

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I do hope that you carry with you a glimmer of virtue. Fakes and falsies and questionable sources have run rampant over two years. This dishonesty drove some people to gather what they could of first-hand knowledge of truth. Those who came running back to the rest of us with truth in hand, those investigative journalists never had a harder time.

Fact finding now is only possible by several means. The uphill battle honesty faces is shocking but the shock of the challenge does nothing to lessen the climb. Where ignorance and lies were winning the day, truth and people who seek it are gaining, once again, a foothold displacing the threat of normalized confusion and inconsistencies.

The murder of investigative reporters lately got me so down and mad and disappointed – CNN in the first few lines of an article, said nicely what I’d said privately to friends socially.

Istanbul – In what world order can the head of Interpol be dragged off the streets, or a globally renowned journalist be made to disappear in front of his fiancée’s eyes?
A world order that, one might speculate, is coming off its rails. One where a country can attack another, then look it in the eye and say it didn’t happen.
In the world of Marvel heroes, this would never happen. The bad guys would get what’s coming to them. But we are not in the Marvel Universe. We are in a post-2016 reality, where the world’s top global cop, President Donald Trump, is taking a break from convention and letting misdeeds slide.
- Source

I’d said, “we need Batman,” where CNN obviously banks a little more heavily on imaginary super powers and martians from the Marvel universe, but, whatever. I believe these misdeeds to journalists and other heads of truth are disgusting. I said as much in this episode and then cut it out with some difficulty. I’ll believe that you believe that truth rules without my preaching it to you.

I’ll also believe that you agree truth, like kindness, community and honor, is having a hell of a time right now and you’d like to do your part, any part – any small part – to chip in. This is a first look at how to do just that. How to ‘kill your darlings’ as they say in editing; how to find a voice or frame a narrative to deliver the best set of facts you can. It’s strangely hard but monumentally important.

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