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    Making talking about computers easy takes a clever tough and a great deal of humility. Bryan’s got it; after nabbing him immediately after his return home from the hospital, we managed to snag a winner. The croak can’t hide his encouragement and approachable spirit. Breaking complicated topics down into real world descriptions is one of his gifts and sure to bring some small comfort to the techxiety prone as the complicated world of tech gets still more convoluted and unbelievably more fearsome.

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    For what it’s worth to you,
    we’ve been shy about method
    and brazen about content in a manic push
    to calculate the best way to move
    from concept to publishing as smoothly as possible.

    The real reason is that some episode Part One’s are recorded twice after the host establishes a more concrete idea on review. This adds up to a very big waste of time if the workflow for podcasting is still floundering around and being hammered out. Maybe you know?

    We love to have the time to publish those revisions instead of miss a day.

    Hardware and software discussed…

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    Behind this green door, a safe and insulated meeting place for meetings of the minds and risk eaters of the futures our collective techxiety plagues our thoughts with. DIY Do It Yourselfers are welcome, Build Your Owners are welcome and, really, damn near anyone is welcome with this in mind:

    Keep and open mind,
    speak your thoughts with a kind mouth,
    and we’ll get through this.

    Whatever it is.