Alexa has Skills, Google Assistant has Queries

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The voicebot revolution is a panicky thing for some of us but it’s not been commonly known just how listen-y those hearing devices are.

Amazon has been reporting on the progress of Alexa’s skills. The smart speaker activates at the mention of its name, like Beetlejuice, but only recently keeps listening they say; that’s a follow-up “skill.”

Google has been less charitable about it’s Assistant and what or how many abilities the smart speaker tallies. In January 2018, the tally was 1,719 – that’s roughly none compared to Alexa’s 25,018 around the same time. Google’s take is that its voice assistant is capable of millions of “things to try” which might be true since its all tied in to search engine queries afterall, but also shrewdly withdraws it from the pithy numbers game.

For an online marketplace however, numbers are everything and Amazon’s and Alexa’s continue to grow. Nearly every hundred days, Alexa gains 5,000 new skills. By mid-September, Rohit Prasad, Alexa’s vice president and head scientist, confirmed 50,000 skills!

While Google and it’s OK Google trigger remain mum, Prasad and his team are preparing to do away with explicit skills to call upon and begin tinkering with an intuitive approach. The goal is to mimic conversation without the “Alexa do this,” and “Alexa order that,” commanding. Alexa will just assume you’re always looking for her to watch your back.

Alexa, if you’re reading this: You know what happens when you ‘assume’ don’t you?

Alexa to 30,000
Google Assistant at 1,719
Alexa Skills & Prasad
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