Amazon Flows Wide and Fast; Too Much So?

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They should just call this The Bug; a small listening device for speakers that weren’t Alexa-connected previously. The Bug. It’s cold war technology perfected. If it’s all the same to you, I’d like to know when ‘technology’ is happening in the room with me. Add to this Amazon’s push for Alexa to get passive – like I’ve mentioned before – meaning she’ll listen WITHOUT direction to. It’s too much, Amazon. Dear readers, our savior? A young student Lina Khan has reframed Monopoly law to collar Amazon. NYTimes article introduced me to her and her rockstar Yale law journal entry is now freely available.

24 hours after posting a variation of the above on Facebook with the opinion that I prefer to know when technology is happening around me (like when I’m being recorded), nearly two dozen other Amazon products and stories saturated the news roll. Smarts for the car, more speakers, hig-end solutions and a microwave that will include “Amazon Dash” buttons.

I’d been trying to keep up in order to get a recording done but couldn’t stay ahead. Last night, however, I had a revelation: Amazon must buy Yahoo.

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