Amazon's Best Next Move Figured Out (srsly)

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Pack Up Your Troubles Bezos, I Got This.

My confession is that it’s really hard to think of anything but antitrust line items when I think of Amazon. A full day or more of racking my brain and working through a hundred angles brought something that I think is actually worthwhile. I’m no fan of massive (and if ever there was a massive group, this is it) but can’t dismiss things outright in keeping with the spirit of Snakebite Cafe. So the work was hard and the concept is in the minority of conceptions I could conceive, but here it goes! An honest effort…

A smirking little box arrived two days ahead of time and two dozen announcements flood the news and The Wall Street Journal chirps about chips and the smart revolution is pounding its message away. On the frontlines is Jeff Bezos’ garage-based bookstore baby from 1995, running full force to the pointy ends of countless sticks.

The countless detractors claim Amazon has become too big to be any good. While Amazon ranks biggest in the world among online marketplaces (we read out the eight biggest in the podcast episode) and dwarfs the next nine retailers in the United States and has more worth than other online entities like Google and Facebook combined, it’s not without options. The King of The Hill is an obvious target but only for scale alone.

What we get to putting together is a strategy that not only allows for all the smart devices and entry points into Amazon’s fold with such wildly different products as vacuum cleaners, TV wall mounts and microwaves, but we add the all important regional and hyper-local considerations which help duck claims of monopolistic behavior.

Where today Amazon is a geographically tone-deaf system, the purchase of a smart, query-relevant software would not only, if treated like a black box analysis, generate fairness across a diverse geography, but lend the intuition Besos has been on about with Alexa, to whom most of these devices ultimately direct customers. Yahoo is a little yodel pet that’s been on the ropes in enough ways that warrant a purchase.

I hesitate to blow the whole episode on this description, but I think Amazon buying Yahoo would make some sense – if not Yahoo! for some reason I’m not aware or overlooked, then another silicon valley computer-brain start-up so Amazon wouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel if there was already one available to roll with. Whether it’s a good idea or not, I’m not perfectly sure but it was the best I could do in siding with helping to give Amazon an even stronger foothold globally.

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