Anti Drone technology and the difficulty of tech garbage

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A couple stories set my imagination running!

We use Track 2, Crisis Drone, in this episode. Here’s a little code test for the artist, Titus Twelve…

Sadly, that shout out won’t appear if you’re not running a browser that sees Flash stuff. I’ll look into updating that one day…

This isn’t the first time we’ve run across drones that needed taking down but now it’s reported a 1.2 billion dollar industry will sprout in place of talk. Far beyond just backyard yahoo’s with bows and arrows, big tech solutions include lasers, jamming and detection to keep your public event free of drone pests according to one ad we uncover during the show.

I have my own daydream about what would work since less technology might be best. I’ll admit, however, that this is a tough road to walk back – all this tech requires an awful lot of tech.

That puts us squarely in the middle of a talk we’ve never had and most people around here don’t remember well: Recycling. E-cycling if you’re cute about it. I think that might be a great concept to cover in the next episode.

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