Anything to the power of ONE can sway

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I live in the Maryland – Virginia – DC area of the United States and we’re really busy trying to bait Amazon over our way. Its been a one-year long search on their behalf for an HQ2. We’re finally working together and who’s this dip, Bernie, anyhow? Did he get back his popularity? Go away!

He’s trying to push a new tax law on Amazon based on what?! The word of one person? Or 30. I know someone personally formerly at Amazon’s HQKY Kentucky fulfillment center and they said if it weren’t for the job they held, there are major muscle groups in their body they never would have learnt about. What’s one person’s story anyway?

Like one person experiencing sexual abuse and misconduct means much? Or 17.7M.

Like one person whistleblowing at Tesla is any big deal? Or 42.

Like one person at the White House is anything signifi … wait a sec.

A landslide of opposition begins with a single story.

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