Dogs for Sheep

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Dogs for Sheep ep.001

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Dogs for Sheep – FLEECED

Other opinions are among the most precious things in the world when you strive to learn. It is unimaginable to me (Bryan, your server here at the cafe today) to shut out other points of view and then claim to know all. Yet this behavior is considered “balance” online – we also go into a little depth as to why the name Snakebite is so damn clever: It reflects computers and technology which are both the venom and the antidote. Although gappy (pre-Truncate Silence feature in post production) it’s a solid episode with solid statements.

0:15 Welcome
0:30 Why “Snakebite?”
  • Computers are the Antidote
  • and the Poison

1:45 Snakebite Cafe’s stance overall
2:00 Privacy thought experiment
4:00 Retail as Eden’s Snake
4:45 “Smoothies” sounds gross

  • We’ll serve it
  • How about “Cider” instead?

5:45 FCC Net Neutrality rollback

12:00 Wish USA had regulated instead
“It’s not OK to sacrifice privacy for the sake of progress.”
15:00 Break
16:00 Re-Introduction

  • Invent the format of the show
  • Opposition, Proposition

16:45 Tech Journalism’s new model needed

  • Stop cheerleading
  • Start watchdogging

21:00 Critical coverage is lacking
23:30 Why tech cheerleading IS fun

28:15 Tap to Alexa displeasure

33:00 Last Call

The beginning as understood by a Speech to Text software…

F weld a snakebite cafe au use a opinions and anxieties to express money on Bryan N a L computers why you the names snakebite and one stick here are a whole slew O venom the problem the infection both infection and that your come from the same action the snakebite and that is how long people see computers against royal being at the causing problems and had a severe of mankind from problems that plagued us or regular business computers palm sugar technology advancements flawed where show it to you all occupies a very peculiar couple of spaces inside our experience since honored and experience and of what it means to be in the 21st century when we have this mean this juror Janice this too faced technology that we keep making faster and smaller and smaller so the anxieties instantly Catherine who could thwart how small and smart and fast can you make these things those that were looser reporters and to whom five will leave consumers should not be formed as water resources to believe my information and my privacy one’s social connections one desires on one leg connections to people like connections on one should be more private than not private thing is only imaginable VAT physical and loans would come into my house and follow me and record me and send that information somewhere as I was at home were time to wash dishes were timeless a downward to watch MTV IE and was listed on the so called listened to the ones I’ve worn the TV program window bush went and how often what are you lose : victim bush on was electrocuted normal are just simply every new levels or a D2 M. Reid bit of data collecting in real life is unimaginable yet that is what smaller smarter faster technology isn’t doing to the people who helped make the Internet a viable option for retailers and they are BU was the freedoms we all feel the freedoms we older to express online it’s still kind of tough for me to put into words were thinking someone go with that you know these micro drones if you leave your house and get gasoline the hottest and when you can’t gasoline or you will lawbreaker junior was your cellphone we’re standing at the gasoline pump because you’re not supposed to and so the big brother concept is a less of a concern to me because I think if you break rules you should now be responsible and accountable that you would change the rules that doesn’t mean that about having gotten caught breaking rules so the big brother things a little fuzzy for me but as retail this policing of the public that’s the thing that to me feels as if O it feels as though the snake goal the garden of Eden and the snake made rules and then the snake presented itself in the most alluring way imaginable and knowingly breaking rules is just playing in to the script that’s been written behind the curtains so there’s a there’s a bit of anxiety visited paranoia here that snakebite cafe.

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