Ethics in Software and Hardware

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Ethics in Software and Hardware
Softly and Hardly

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It’s mostly a chatty episode; second Mondays are like that. About one in ten episodes I think we’re allowed to take a break and the news on Monday is also pretty far flung – graphics cards, Star Trek again, Tesla again, chips and trade. No real connections that are so easy to see. SO then, a nice, casual encounter with Bryan about some things and nothing…

Part ONE as understood by a Speech to Text software…
because it’s still so entertaining even after two weeks of jibberish
by Express Scribe Transcription Software (no intervention)

Welcome to snakebite cafe I am your hose your server relieve Bryan and it’s such a pleasure than the year my anxieties and concerns about technology to the warily began well about every 10 episodes we begin internally that’s one of the one of the great things as I’m cast discussing itself so you know the U.N. somehow manage to find the body test you’d be happy that to on time testing of a new recording device which just blows away the old recording devices so much more massive so much more professional that john is not pocket size is something that Japan and it is technology slid don’t worry too much of that to about talking about it because technologically related things is nothing to fear has nothing to be paranoid are anxious about the Internet is in a war of rightfully so I think a lot of things we do not do here is a speech and Tom tell you perhaps one of them by abide by the lines of snakebite cafe is how to keep an open mind and speak kindly and we can all learn from each other even if the ideas are pretty for a day when you speak kindly and you don’t say something negative about anyone or anything you not necessarily being a cheerleader for something that you don’t like you just finding really creative mental exercise work arounds being a diplomat if you don’t like something you could always say well I think that’s probably for someone else or I’d certainly like this other thing that are more of my tastes and goal a different way you are people like that, with these funny ways of saying no and on to a turn that into an art form in my own life and I have been given credit from time to time of Ron of having no padding away having a way with words instead of letting words get their way with me this guy Jones is it on illegal check here the initial wars have cast of its its own to skate with the good of microphone list the time guests we put up is freedom something online is online supposed to be obviously we talked a lot about this snakebite cafe if you are a person record of dastardly you belong to do you have a responsibility to the Internet do have a responsibility to the people watching and what kind of assumes yes right of the Internet doesn’t necessarily have the checks and balances you and there’s more noise pay guess what’s going on vibrate the players and my eyes that they’re ago that should take care of latch ethics is interesting because it moves from culture to culture were nearly upset as we talked about is that the Internet to supersede culture it goes everywhere so what’s OK in my neighborhood here is not OK and its neighborhood and this idea of culture grew and grew and origination states and the fix is fascinating because it’s the morals of individuals remember because it’s an invalid I love this stuff: go to school for morals are for me affix are for everyone but there’s of an upper limit to everyone it’s not really everyone to its everyone within a certain range of society and I don’t mean range on that side defined by characteristics I mean it’s it’s almost kind of physical it’s kind of like going way back to any neighborhood you can think of 1000 years ago any part of the world there were central meeting places and then the work areas that were just kind of out of range and if you found herself and one of those in between areas between you know between central meeting places it was obvious that you’re a wayward traveler and you better have something to trade the better have something to say the better have something to teach and you better be able to defend herself moving from town to town and into winning yourself to different affects was an art really to those who didn’t do well of probably met and on glorious and because the ethics of a community 10 is also to drift towards a kind of protectionism people who come from other central meeting areas are usually viewed with suspicion now this is on the move was it’s human nature is also in all major but it’s kind of the there is therein lies a good question do you think humans are animals or have we come along and becomes something other than camels because it is an event of a primal nature to mistrust and a lot of people to see you couldn’t use my trust and I don’t trust you and was made by cafe one Evelyn come through the door or by Bibi Lufkin say as you keep your eyes and ears open but speak kindly and keep an open mind we go maybe learn something that includes me just because I’m sitting behind a counter here serving up drinks and by the way where talk about carol Maki up to the breaks that doesn’t mean that I’m a meal on from learning something new I relish learning something new and a in setting up snakebite cafe I had learned so much just to get a simple Comcast off the ground as one person doing pretty much all the work for right now without any sponsors are ads won’t help from the outside is voluntary where would I be without the help voluntarily from people who respond to emails to respond with thread that created a form I would be pretty far behind and I have to accept that there is an avenue that can make the batter and that avenue maybe knowing that I don’t know everything admitting it called that, as you know psychological staff but it’s also important that I ask a good question I can just throw myself onto a bed of pity and to help me do it for my life was like loaded with best of my style and during your alley it’s your style it’s good goalie that are not to know what you don’t know and sometimes it’s true we don’t know what we don’t know and hopeful the people on the other side responding to a question that may be done because we don’t know we don’t know hopefully they speak kindly so when we think about our responsibility to an audience into the Internet I think snakebite cafe has come up with a good bye bye bye line to speak kindly keep an open mind and if someone and Serrano the causing trouble really making hard times the not engaging them and was it rules not engaging them is one thing when someone is actively causing trouble like some of these I imagine there’s more than one but some contests that sort of insight that behavior and the use disparaging words for groups or people with different characteristics and washy borrowing that term from the spawn a fine I think that it’s not OK to on isolated group with to native language based on characteristics which I thought was, interesting like it it encompasses an awful lot which is kind of good because if you shut people off for something negative you’d don’t wanna nitpick and create too many weird loopholes for semantics of characteristics is bid on and if someone’s really bad that are only talking about my gosh a body part of one body part of the above the bellybutton or on the autumn of whenever just something that their words are hateful and the actions that day, skirt around a violent and then you can use that word characteristics and it’s very hard for some of the backup because it’s not release necessarily it’s not created its not religion it’s not you I mean like it’s not up with the gender and all of this necessarily on its good and loose and one is important is the large companies that straddle all sorts of demographics and all sorts of ethical centers they have two say we’re calling it going to come down on bad behavior we we created a shop just a snakebite cafe here using comment that those comments are moderated this is not meant as a free for all unite in Ojai in the backyard drinking with bodies and stuff you’re here in an establishment as small as it is the big ones which can afford to move governments and certain actions and can afford lawsuits against Doberman entities they’ve really do need to come down on one side of the other it doesn’t necessarily have to be political but it’s good that finally on oh gosh gruel with to you to a couple other services spot a file a couple of tunes EL came down this thing called in for words which inserts a sound have been treating kisses and as a title like information wars is on you have the potential for that was massively interesting of unfortunately it was used as a OM as a as a soapbox for a full mean things while waste water waste is so much different for mission coming up from one side of the other side 1. of view and another point of view that conflict in the middle and both are saying we are the right thing that you would be fun to have a good of hate list just quantitative look at all of the different pieces of information that consumers are receiving so sadly info wars as a as a time as an idea has been willing to make awfully dirty by the arm of the few bad actors on say it that way so what are we doing let me remind myself here and take a look and make sure not to cover every single microphone was pointed at me to have another the CIA biopic scolded the foam of ways that might even check levels would see the file and was down it’s still a it’s magnificent windows clear clear things we always mixes down a Mano so stirred as a matter but I’m wearing headphones for this effort some kind of matters and it’s just so sensitive that picks up everything up there are ideas would talk about ethical regions let’s do it man apple and google are both doing things and what’s happened was doing something in India apple is also working on focusing on India and one out on an entire continent sure there’s Gotta be some money there somewhere let’s make something work for them what sap people in India were using what sap is such a degree that I can even imagine but india’s said what set please limit the amount of good people in India can use it like limit the communications to five people of the time idea was unaware that what’s up with what the party line on that as an eye opener and they also said that of their course and hateful things on what sap and they want what set to go ahead and and and and cure rate based on the ethical request demands of India of Aydin finish talking about me for morals and ethics for everyone and the tribal centers ethics came about by way of on of audio, with a metal selection of what people agree on and those began forming the laws of certain regions on sure we’d do away with all regions and all differences ethically cover her new that’s that’s deep because there are areas of the world where certain household behavioral ethics exist certain consumption ethic standards exist that wouldn’t make sense in other parts of the world this is talk about you know feaster fan and like a breadbasket vs. adjustable in the idea of wasting food in some areas is a is the it’s a nonissue ethically and morally that’s a different story you maybe someone who says we never ever never ever cover waste food out but ethically there’s no real are against it there’s no few no public outcry of for the person or someone in the family wasting food where N is in another part of distant part of the world where it’s more of a of the small that could basket of them really time to be as general as possible year of the idea of wasting food will get you publicly shame on not finishing all the fruit on your plate are worse yet in throwing it for some reason that other people don’t find acceptable as a reason for getting rid of your food so I live in a utopia on a live in an idyllic of imaginary world idea I do live in a place where where I believe that from wish be minimized but I also think that john Freund is over served and information is not thoroughly researched by sources who wish to be of legitimate and I think that the of the access is in my region are there’s a lot that’s to say that and so speaking a lot I will trim a double talk about some iced coffee while by not sweating but I just a little a little spread out today will be right back in 1 minute

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