The Power Struggle Between People, Businesses and Governments

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The Power Struggle Between People, Businesses and Governments
An Uneasy Alliance Between People, Businesses and Governments

0:13 Happy Monday
1:00 Sunday News Roll
2:00 Introduction
4:00 Didi
  • Cheaper to own your own car

4:45 The big story

  • Verizon
  • Throttling
    • Fire Fighters

7:00 Throtting is not a part of Net Bias

  • Net Neutrality
    • Where, not How Much

9:30 Mercury News article
11:00 Listening openly

  • Passion breeds mistakes

14:30 Break
15:45 Re-intro
16:00 Epic and Fortnite

  • Silent Downloads on phones

18:00 Food
19:00 Didi and Uber China
20:00 Re-kindling faith

  • Iran in Reddit

22:45 US crisis between consumers and business
24:00 Proposition setup
30:00 Getting a rise up!
32:00 Last Call

There are people, there are companies and there are governments. These three entities have a very uneasy alliance. Who’s in charge of whom? You could go around and around and around. Is the company a public one? Then technically the people should be in charge. Is the company private? Then maybe technically it’s self governing. Is the company a private company under government regulation? Then the government’s in charge unless the government does the will of the people and then they’re are in charge unless there’s the power of money and bribery considered … THIS just goes on and around and around.

This uneasy alliance power struggle almost always points back to the people. Almost always. We’re having a heck of a time in the US right now. As much as technology news shouldn’t be political, this just gets so damn close to being a political and economic trouble that ordinary tech-loving data communication slobs like me who just want to have fun and are willing to pay for the privilege of having fun (and these are the same people who KNOW that less than one-fifth of Earth’s population has ANY idea what’s going on with technology) – these times are thrusting us to learn about government; thrusting us into the arenas of policy, economics and it is opening up our worlds to very frustrating concepts.

So to those who are most frustrated and want so much to act I want to remind you, it IS the peole who have power. The power struggle is not an even three-way tie. If anything, it’s a little more like a three-point pyramid lifted slightly at the top and it is the people at the top; it is the people wo are electing officials who are deciding policy. It is the policy that then goes to the companies. And to those companies that are owned by stock holders and pepole, that’s even easier.

It’s all representative. You have to act in the direction of your representatives to make things happen. I think there should be few limits to the power of the people’s voices. The biggest limitation is not acting. And I would be remiss in not adding to this thought the power of the media to investigate and hound the truths, stories, motives or the people we cannot. It’s up to us to find the best grounding for what we believe and act upon, but our ally in any power struggle should be the media as we hear in this episode.

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