Google Going Grassroots Guerilla?

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What righteous motivations could larger-than-life entities have when they appeal to the common denominators? It’s nice as a citizen to be included but here are two distinctly different ways at going about putting your cause to the people!

Today, a quick return to episode 34’s look at California’s Net Neutrality as the DOJ appeals to the people but a new look by legal experts who spoke to The say things aren’t looking up for the feds, and; A quick search online shows no one else is chatting this up, but Google, who didn’t go into any great details in front of law makers about privacy and never showed up for one meeting with the U.S. Senate pulled a few hundred thousand bucks out of the Palo Alto sofa cushions and placed a double full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal.

Where the feds were hoping for a lack of backtalk but expecting it, Google’s odd move totally prevents it. I just can’t help but notice what a strange move it was for Google to appeal directly to me (a subscriber among nearly 1.1M others) but not spring for free news coverage when they had the chance. If the argument was that they wanted to avoid crosstalk and mixing their touts with other company’s messages, then why not show at the meeting with fewer attendees and why also not leave a pdf behind for archives like the five other companies did at a second U.S. Senate meeting?

I brainstorm to near-garrulous lengths but think it’s worth the gab!

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