Great Escapes For Smartening The Busy Mind

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Intro: Thunder Perfect Mind Song in the Middle: Kesh Jig & Brightly Fancy

Self Edification Using Technology to Escape The Rush of Technology

We all learn in different ways and we all unplug in different ways. There are seven learning styles according to learning-styles-online: Visual, Aural involving auditory or musical means, Verbal, Physical or ‘kinesthetic’ (if your the Verbal kind), and; more to the brain, Logical, Social and Solitary or intrapersonal types. Easily forgotten is that our greatest foe, technology and the internet can also be our greatest ally when escaping. This unicorn of a 30th episode underwent three or four recordings before finally getting published! At no previous time did I expect to speak about escape, but after the throes to get this far, it was just what I needed to discuss!

It’s hard to believe, but Wieland; Or the Transformation by Charles Brockden Brown stands as America’s first Gothic Horror and it’s possibly creepy at first glance in its fancy, over rendered writing; then it’s just deeply annoying when you think the author gets bogged down by this effort to affect the writing of a young British girl. Writing at the time was by anonymous ladies penning dreamy romances – Gothic Horror was considered a fantastic waste of time; considering that this 1798 title blazed a trail over two hundred years ago for a genre enjoying immense popularity today (season after season of American Horror Story), Wieland is pretty damn cool and worth opening.

I offer no evidence that today’s minds are busier than ever before but make that claim safely because, smartly, I offer no evidence to the contrary. More is demanded of us, less is provided to us in the way of tools and both AI and simple-stupid robots are nipping at our heels. To work some sort of learning into some sort of escaping is ideal (and coincidentally a primary past time of the Wieland characters).

Where reading is a fanciful burden, like when you’re driving, there are now multiple avenues to podcasts and substantially acted audio books. We’ve discussed the audio book appeal at the retail level and now coupons are cropping up in a bid for your loyalty where before your attentions weren’t otherwhere courted. Twelve hours still remain on my first download that a five-dollar Google Play Books coupon enticed me to, and I find it’s a real treat to listen to at 1.4x speed; Anthony Heald’s delivery stands up to the rush!

Exploring escape from modern technology through modern technology will lead you invariably to virtual reality. It’s not just a buzz phrase – while shunned since it hasn’t yet found a slick delivery mechanism, it is very much a matured and developed artform and medium. Video games have pushed processing technology almost to the point of self-contained “rigs.” A rig is often a PC-style computer, but self-contained means most of the processing happens instead in a bulky pair of VR goggles. That’s a big, neat deal but still strains for adoption. However, assisting the hardware is a VR software boost the Oculus CTO created. It’s discussed in this episode. This nugget combined with lower hardware prices means it’s a good time to begin escaping to VR.

Learning and instructional websites have never been so popular. Rather than break down the hundreds of websites that offer special training or mixed media tutelage ranging from spoken languages to cooking to software languages, I present to you the only one I’ve signed up for. In terms of escapism, learning online is a lot of fun; nearly all the styles of learning are engaged and every session has you walking away one step closer to defending your way of life against robot or iGen takeover. How can you beat that?

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