Hardware To Make The Living Easy, Albeit Briefly

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Intro: Thunder Perfect Mind Song in the Middle: Laughing Turkeys

A Shameless Romp Through Physical Technology That Benefits Us

The previous episode’s empathy exercise wore me out. Today, a gentle and light look at hardware that exists to please, not give us privacy ulcers.

It’s late September, 2018 and technology’s on a tear. My birthday’s behind me, the cafe’s got over 30 episodes on its odometer, Cafe Prime’s makeover is en route, the patio got its hardware update (I never spoke about that – an awning I build to give eighteen-inches of rain respite immediately outside the sliding doors) and Chef employed some hardware at breakfast time catering to my emergency diet changes.

While life is in flux, it’s nice to have some tech to fall back on to forget about the countless tech stories that pinch my forehead.

We cruise by virtual reality with a heavy nod to RoadToVR.com which has earned my respect with its serious growth and professional bend these last twelve months, Newegg where accidents happen (there’s kind of an odd ‘toys and hobbies’ front page lineup) and look back at WYZE cameras and the Samsung Galaxy TabS3 I picked over the S4. You may or may not do the same once you hear my reasons.

I neglected to mention hundred-fifty dollar 61 key keyboards, bluetooth speakers and blu ray players that upgrade any flat screen to a Smart TV. Tech toys are fun to talk about and there’s a lot of crowding in that field. As the cafe pulls together, we’ll do it again with the items I couldn’t mention and maybe more but there’s only so much that distract me from noting the techxiety stories that lurk in the corners of the news.

I’m guessing you like balance between the two. We’ll develop a middle.

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