Is Google Changing Its Stripes?

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When there was so much to distrust and be wary of, it was somewhat reassuring to have Google on hand as the trusted web property that held the line and, for eighteen years, wasn’t doing evil according to a catchy Code of Conduct available to us without demand; an early act of transparency. Now, with negative Google news piling up in 2017 and transparency a thing of the past, it’s too easy to imagine a seismic change is taking place when it still feels it ought not. Is there any sympathy to be found?

Dammit, Jim. The show notes…
0:15 A phone call1
1:20 Introduction
3:30 Google used to be…
  • China’s effect on the Internet
  • Back a decade ago

6:00 Google’s AI speaker

  • before the holidays!

7:00 Smart speaker with answer later
7:45 Perhaps Google’s AI speaker start

9:45 A Snakebite AI speaker preference
10:00 Techxieties

  • RNN
  • Trained intelligence

12:15 Use caution when telling AI to go choke
12:45 Coursera’s RNN course
13:30 Job displacement by smarter computers
14:15 Music!
15:15 re-intro
15:30 Correction

16:15 Guessing about Google
17:00 1400 employees getting uppity

  • Google headed to China

18:30 Location tracking clarified
21:00 Rubbing the Assistant Djinni!

  • OK Google on the Tablet for the first time

22:00 Don’t Be Evil removed
24:30 Gushing about the Asian culture (balance)
28:45 Last Call

Part One, as interpreted by a speech to text software…

Welcome mat to say to the ANC and loan by breed of the snake bite cafes and Bryant go all what’s going on and heavy ban long time long to have me all manageable and a kidnap you know the mall and human life and I headed the guy we did it get you know that we’re always going with human and really a new job was like they did e-mail thing not working out for deaf and a search engine a large already a hat: China denies all assume you are the old days least talk about China taking everything in been crazy and greatness of log and stuffed the applet of us to come along with a right to Leah when the network really what you do and what know how well on, on GATT I’d go to a snakebite cafe on the new server buying he lets talk about technology and anxiety different ideas we have for things like this until it takes ID if you will today can we please talk about the giants in the world can we please talk to the global and how bizarre everything is done with gold is the IBF rough around the world now comes news that are doing all these things and watching us and they’ve removed duo no evil from their fun at the website and they’re gonna go and do some work over and China huff know the right in china’s alike while I mean and seriously Kerr of F it wasn’t that long ago the globals web sites how did they would do no evil and it was a mantra of the devil and really seem to enjoy it was something a lot of people adapted and used as their own and they had some fun saying on whether to know we’ll decide global they are moved it up long ago a funny article for that little while but I open the news role today in a mine and that’s what should appear to all this exciting exciting information about: things that in a release for Christmas and things their employees are saying and things the term of service and clarified since the other day and sort of like is anything else happening anywhere else probably you’ve got a moment that doesn’t really matter snakebite cafe you can find a sauna twitter and they spoke to end up as an coffee year the city standard 1859 Joe drinking from time to time of Folgers and it’s delicious as a friend press some came around the other day and said you use a French Press what a great idea and you write it so delicious him as a French Press may coffee lately, on a high of the light has a new one knowledge in and how whether see a global is hurting the open Internet and degrading its own results who used to be such a kind soul who was a thing was to be to the game for for pete’s sake to now what will people do what they won a global something to support a company that’s going to China can we talk about like China as time what it is china’s effect on the Internet Times effect on the Internet is taking everything you’ve ever written of log and copying it in some form or another is to set the regular infants with wrong with the Chinese 20 years ago 1015 years ago when I was plotting a regular basis and doing all sorts of little stories little on since I always found that on certain tracking the software’s would tell me that some of my exact same sentences would show up elsewhere and they were a IP addresses that was all in specific ways it was all very suspicious and got to be where I just decided know I can really do anything about unlocking like copyright my writing and possibly also, put me under the gun for having to make sure everything was legit the jet up and up and even if everything was legit legit and up and up how do you go ahead and find out how to like you know press in action against a border has over and some neighborhood or Provence or whenever the old district are area and they kinda got the last laugh from half the things I get on Amazon .Com come from someone so such a place in China and a I’m a I’m glad I get things it’s just how its kind it had I been opine so parents were really talking about global but this raises a question the Amazon .Com and the Chinese trade embargo thing is is a mean it now when I did things half of my stuff that could then from China will now be priced so high because of the night terrors that of that I would rather get another less expensive thing that was made that someone else are you either under the United States or Canada or something on an interesting your phone book that can thinking about a bright and that’s a little snake bite cafe we feel of keep an open mind and speed the kind mouth and speak with the current only say nice things would change this to a desktop view so it makes more sense to me think about it much more to go global Haiti guess when you can get for Christmas and to global announced hat today I believe this today that the remedy view there alone on a visual intelligence speaker that is displayed he quit before the holidays and need it is Taiwanese supplier shall be getting about three million of these things I’m a reading oh my gosh Nikkei hairy you what is this Deja.Nikkei dot com, and others are offered your child that’s just the amount of the finest is this the way it turned out staff writers chained team fang and Lally leave the Taipei global is preparing to release a smart speaker of the display for this year’s holiday season listed down a global earlier this year had used its new was smart displayed platform and partners like Novo and LG and sign a stick down for others is pretty this is actually respectable and agreed of your ego was someone who was an eye and suppliers also engage in a cooler grab a share of the smart speaker production was a story about smart speakers on to the listener they speak they answer questions and is some of them just wait around until they have an answer true question it didn’t have the answer to before they have interrupt you may say something like a reminder that the last night to know the answer will I know the answer now and I’m also global of just recently bought opposite vector dot the IE which is an artificial intelligence outfits and it is rare that seconds ago so you have to forgive me for not to having a lot to say about a whole and as a latecomer to the smart phone business and global focuses on flagship models rather than attempting to grab sustain shall substantial market share yen noted and then we call them and save it for a tiara smart speaker dismiss the company is one of the font loners, legal or not that I am all for raspberry pie do as they can’t we talked about doing this offers and build your homers that be why no one is singer and sanded Der why people are able to use raspberry pie and it was maybe almost a year ago that global work with raspberry pie or the maker magazine on I hope what I like that you could develop and raspberry pie and push a button speak into it and it would connect with global and get to an answer and so was a bit like the up assistant software that Mobil has and your phone and the global has a different things and so I am adding that a lot of people that very fancy fancy feelings about having a cardboard box with a plastic button on top of a good bill themselves on the day they absolutely were able to say I made facts and I’d like a bus on that but you know me to a low of soul and put them by brake and that of V a good cutting other teeth I imagine all the raspberry pie people were asking different questions and saying things like and the home of the global can you do tricks on you know how about a callers’ island school hoping things like that of obviously these are picked asking questions for audition delegates and I had used on my phone a couple of times because we already know that the phone does with a phone dies and we accept that I wasn’t that Wilson wasn’t about to build my my very own immobile at home spy microphone on I’m glad I didn’t because I don’t think there was a lot of programming involved when I would really like some from a solvent and I hear some more coffee for in getting a moment’s and a I’d like to have a closed system where I have all this encyclopedia of information on a a hard drive and that is essentially those are the answer is that it can put together if it thinks hard enough how Gannett think hard enough time to look up something because I was asking people were you nervous about when it comes to technology and Ins knew that two of the listener you can put it, and an uneven have to put your own e-mail address you can simply just put something and of someone had answered on was it are in hand them with current novel network this is a thing that can do some thinking and the you’ll have it analyzing a specific Saturday that it does not develop a personality OK you allowed to think so many layers deep because it were, means it comes back it’s like an echo echo echo at the time comes back and goes over itself again in a layer so recurrent neural network and it historically and scientifically has done a thing really top notch aid grade a glowing wooden job when it’s able to go foul was and times not say husky computer and between first place of the science fair with the Orin Campbell and the 1000 layers and had it going to letters and you couldn’t remember you know diet of snakebite computer and because as we do about it was a snakebite computer and little birds force comes on and was a what is that what is that was at thing I looked up the artificial intelligence earlier and it enhanced the figure couple things out it has just enough information to remember that you look something up earlier about artificial intelligence and the thing so then it’s known that like that because I imagine we’ll go over a couple of times and think once hard to remember in that question obviously artificial intelligence the Ide that’s not hard to remember because he does set that there is something in the mystery or anan an acronym that was new and he’s never looked it up or Ast about it before right now and this morning then you are in and of which is locked off from the Internet does not have a personality would say recurrent neural network and it sits on the more we thank you or you know the choke whenever and wouldn’t because a dozen and personality and it doesn’t offend you shouldn’t say things like that anyway I mean you never know the event and spies of my spine is either we talked about yesterday in the 19th one of the ruble homemade spines devotes a little veto since know I’ve counted the number of times you told me to Joe and by my estimates, should not be alive I think there is a theme that need immediate survival of the thinnest in your house are you so there is Oregon and model of information on corsair on and hear the of this is the of the search engine lists you will never say: and what you will understand how to build and train a recurrent neural networks that’s important factor of the pardon it require training and commonly used variance such as growers and list them and deep learning an eye is also partnering with being videotaped learning institute or DL of that site will at some coarse five, might catch that stuff shouldn’t be noticed that a person I was talking to was nervous about doing the training and about so also spoke to said they had takes ID of gould’s the computers taking their jobs still intend to of why don’t have a lot of time to get in some facts what’s interesting is with the arrival of every new technology there is an outcry about human labor and the requirements of the human at the job being outmoded and it’s never quite happen and one could say the libraries would make teachers all but extinct and that is not the case it’s very interesting and we’re gonna need a lot of episodes on and you’d be talking back to me before and have a conversation like that I read some interesting things I’ve fought some interesting things like and dislike a monologue of you Gotta like a Matty Burrows and Gals and all of that stuff of all you are and ends out there listening for pete’s sake will be back in the next hop have

1 The Star Trek sound effects come from

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