It's Learning Time for A.I. Me & You

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It’s a delightful, unscripted return to the Long Form podcast of some months ago. Every noise in the background works to conspire against my getting this done – yesterday – but I did it!

After a personable intro…
4:50 Lab Rat wireless testing
7:40 VR content is king
9:00 Sphere
13:00 Music
16:00 2HQ2
20:00 Common sense for AI
22:00 AI news anchor
24:30 Last Call

Those waypoints above are just the tip of the learning berg. You’ll see extra content in the links below but it’s all to say that learning common sense, learning a better workflow and learning what’s around the bend is never-ending work. The techxiety of A.I. superiority is really guaranteed if we hold still intellectually and forsake moving forward and stop listening to our instincts.

I’d thought about this in the day since recording (since I still do this backwards as per the episode mention); human instinct is really the meat and potatoes of differentiation. Common Sense sounds like an intimidating thing to share with machine learning, but even among the best minds on the planet goes the expression about how uncommon common sense is. Our instincts are the things to keep sharp; our instincts can override common sense to avoid disaster, traps or lead us into unexpected woes.

With the gut, or instinct, it’s almost always a crapshoot and the more alike in this regard machine learning is, the more apt it is to fail. Take the smart person at the racetrack. It’s all quantified and spelled out but there are emotional, gut or instinct fall backs for better or worse because the numbers DO lie.

I think human instinct short circuiting A.I.‘s rise would be a great episode. I’ll save rambling on about it for that time!

In no particular order…
Wireless activity links to cancer
Oculus co-founder especially on point with VR adoption
$1,000,000 VR sale around Spheres
From 2000, Requiem For A Dream | IMDB
Everyday common sense for A.I.
Intel’s ‘neural network on a stick’ brings AI training to you

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