Keep Your Cool: We All Die in The End

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Intro: Thunder Perfect Mind and Song For A Nonexisting Video Game Outro: 10trump Song in the Middle: MUTE_-_02_-_Eeekin_Days Apologies, file name only, no LINK since music archive is experiencing technical difficulties.

or “The Hate You Sell” This was recorded three days before being posted online. I was stuck for a snazzy or catchy title until a Twitter exchange with a new personality caught my mind this morning and reminded me what personal morals is all about…

This is not the most contentious the people have ever been in history but in recent times, the high levels of frustration certainly have found their way into many different walks of life. Short fuses, harsh words and narrow attitudes feel like the new norm. While people are entitled to their opinions, there’s no definition that describes hate as an opinion; it’s just a nasty and unhealthy feeling and the boundaries that kept it out of interpersonal exchanges is blurring for more than just a little for some people.

The episode begins with the revelation of a full-page color ad in the Wall Street Journal touting braggart Fox’s position as number one among broadcast and cable news groups. At what cost? It’s a cafe discussion and you’re welcome to pitch in! Vicious opinions are on a lot of minds all around the internet…

Twitter, I have a question: do you have a “moral guideline”, something you use to try to be a Good Person? @pati_gallardo That’s one of the first tweets I saw this morning while finding time to mentally review this episode for the start of a third day. There was a follow-up question and I jumped in on both opportunities finding the challenge of brevity a thrill that I retweeted.

The follow-up, Somewhat related question: How to you keep your hopes up, and your energy up, on those days when your goals seem impossible? (Especially interested in activism or other altruistic work) I made some good effort to encourage exercise (which I can never seem to spell without Chrome’s help) and found that what this episode suggests only gets you halfway home. The Spoiler Alert?

We’re All Going To Die In The End. That’s how this goes. But the question of keeping your energy up? I’ve got grown friends who still wrestle with that worry constantly and a toddler who will one day bump into the great ‘no one asked to be born and we’re all going to die’ “thing” of life.

The cafe’s a time suck right now but it’s a good idea not to postpone too long putting that episode out there that carries a few ideas to bring us to the finish line. Not only can we set a moral compass by considering hindsight (the crux of this episode 36) but then what? Say you keep your cool. You learn, you absorb, you inspire and then there’s what to fuel an action? I’ll let you know – but sometimes it’s just the act of sharing your ideas to keep your head above water that does the trick.

Slight outdate from “#metoo” actions but Newscaster mega paychecks

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