Let's Mainstream Firewalls and Information Security

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Let’s Mainstream Firewalls and Information Security (IS)
A Long Title To Test the Character Limits of Formatting That, As Yet, Does Not Exist (ALT-3CL of FoTAsY DoNE)

If one would give me six lines written by the hand of the honest man, I would find something in them to have him hanged.

0:15 Welcome
1:00 Introduction
  • Rant of safety concerns

6:15 Explaining invasive software

  • Some are needed
  • Firewalls

8:30 Metaphore or Simile

  • I never remember which
  • About data and safety

12:30 Amazing factoid about cellphones
13:30 Soundscape!
15:00 Re-intro
16:00 Can we make common knowledge?
18:00 The old Sygate Personal Firewall

  • More Firewall primer
  • Another Simile/Metaphore

20:30 Arguing in favor of granular detail

  • Egg Salad today

21:45 Firewall List (5)

  • ZoneAlarm
  • Komodo
  • Glasswire
  • Tiny Wall
    • Windows Firewall addon
  • OpenDNS Home

26:00 Russian infiltration into Maryland’s Voting

  • “Best Cybersecurity Practices”

27:45 Last Call

The beginning as understood by a Speech to Text software…

Welty am dismayed by a cafe I a NI decided to move the virtual cafe to some plays a lot more pleasant someplace not quite as stressful as yesterday these CL 8 still a cafe when you are sheltered unit from your anxieties and technophobia will discuss exactly what is wrong with some of the Internet world today and all I’m I’m happy to serve your im coffee team here this means you overtake good news egg salad from teaching today an exciting you missed anything with eggs and make things out why don’t we he get started on Bryan of it you of that stupid kid you selfish oblivious no nothing risking everything dissatisfied with a lazy the Yangtze lawful self endangerment sell but are no self image and sell that’s a little worried that if that solves a lot of the mouth of the wasn’t too much on the ears that that’s exactly what I would say all the people who don’t do anything to protect themselves when you’re traveling online from their computers that tablets their laptops their desktops there on when else is there that their kids house for cell phones there in between things from becoming sleeping baht network nodes because you and I know all the potential is there for any computer to get infected if it’s not protected if the cautions are taken seriously protections to start place and also haphazard surfing clicking on links and for good fishing scams OK and sort of the artist of the weird stuff it comes down from emails and the things that make the 6:00 news those things were a little more mundane doesn’t like pickpocket level this is infected patients zero times 3,000,003 million Haitians are as three million or region 18 vectors for Bart network to all wire that this accumulated power and its additive and they just go and do whenever the program says they should do they can calculate behind the scenes to crack passwords are two hack into something they also are just be malicious and shut down three million computers those three million computers can also work really hard to each in fact a mother three or four computers as some sort of weird server whenever they ran an operating system allows them to do on solicitor for computers because of a reach, said a 300 repeated two or three or four times three million years 612000000 computers now and then each of those expand and as a computer repair, very few times in my life have I seen firsthand absolutely amazing like CIA staff that are not into computers United Technologies just I like did hang out of state by cafe like it is only the two deep and terminology but I have seen uneven really know what caught with an infected file.

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