Please collect your things. The cafe is closing...

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What a blast! Two years that started with a bang and daily podcast to now. Tech news and paranoia and everything else I’d hoped for was just too much to track and still be a responsible dad. I just could not achieve a sustainable rhythm though I enjoyed a successful and small reputation.

Since I’m not a Malaysian content farm, the growing interest in AI made filtering and keeping up with developments utterly unrealistic. I was snookered into FB advertising five and ten dollars at a time which resulted in terrifically low returns. One might suspect the returns SO LOW as to actually defy the odds.

The marvel of internet safety, HTTPS isn’t cheap either. That “S” is a clusterfuck of money, annual dues and funky loops to jump through with your domain registrar. Save the hundred bucks and headache and ignore the security? Then most browsers will discourage visits to your site.

At times, I was really in tune with stuff and it was fun to predict a few news cycles. Any conversation about Robot Ethics is stimulating and will never get old. I even penned a few Techxiety fictions, short stories based on stories over the last two years. Snakebite and Techxiety rallied me for sure; but I never hit the right note to rally others the right way.

I’m not disappointed. I’m just recognizing that while my interests are here, my calling is elsewhere! In a few months, when the security token “S” is revoked, I’m closing shop. Take the silverware! Be your best and resist. Resist ignorance and resist complacency.


Read on?

This all began as a trip to recovery after surgery. Two years ago June 30th I was rushed to surgery again and again causing me to ask what was really important. Apparently, at the time, podcasting.

I invested. Hardware, software, newspaper, online presence. All the kit. And I spent hours to produce a half-hour rant that was typically informed and topical if misdirected. Later I would spend hours to produce a shorter, snappier fifteen minutes. Now I don’t.

The topic of ethics, AI, cyber-futures and old-is-new again questions of technology (Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act) and the world’s biggest Internet troll is the POTUS!!! That’s all pretty amazing – but going it alone? Too much now. Too bad.

This server will continue to keep up with trends and tech and anxiety and techxiety; I’ll hang on to the domain, thank you very much. But I’ll redirect and express myself in some more old fashioned ways which the current Corona-environment has already seen fit to provide me time for.

My surgery stitches are out. The scars are mostly gone. Flexibility is 90% or 95% what it used to be and I LIVED! Surgeons thought I had a deadly bacteria, necrotizing fasciitis. So it was surgery every other day after an initial shock of having to immediately deal with my mortality – or at least my waking up without a foot. So surviving to record a podcast was a cakewalk!

I’ll never think there isn’t a need to be tech-anxious; yesterday, true story, my almost one year-old Buick insisted I give it a valid email address to continue using connected services (that I’m not even subscribed to). Just awful.