Post-Summer Shoulder Season "Tech-Lurking" & Mainstream Lag

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A News Roll Humming With Expecting Spectators

Of course it’s not everyday the news is filled with makers, doers and trending with hot newness yanking us along for technology carnivals and all-night celebrations but this last week was eerily quiet with a few exceptions; there’s a couple iPhones. Meh. Otherwise, it’s the tech that’s been lurking and waiting all along: VR and headsets and integration into websites – waiting for the mainstream; Bitcoin and its up and down and the attempt to collar that fickle puppy with “bakkt,” by NYSE owner ICE, the husband (ICE CEO) and wife (bakkt CEO) duo who declared in August what their plans were and then… shhhh. Mostly nothing, like more lurking.

It’s hard to make news out of nothing and I’ve learned not to try. The iPhones that were just announced graciously provide a low-cost option beginning around $750 bucks. That’s absolute insanity and I said so on Twitter before the big tech sites said so. I’m not fishing for creds, I’m just relieved we’re aligned.

Summer was nasty. Ecospheres collided and tech mixed with finance mixed with medicine mixed with politics mixed with social studies… Now we’re post-Summer and this shoulder season feels like a collective deep breath. All I can see is everyone gathering themselves (politics notwithstanding) and preparing for inspiration to strike anew.

And this is a time to remind ourselves what ugly mainstream ducklings have been waddling around underfoot the whole time neglected but persistent. The news is, certain things are coming whether you like it or not. I get a little tangled up in my talk about mainstream and information flow and what makes things prominent, but overall, I can focus clearly when I get to being disgusted by mainstream media’s lag in delivering truly crucial information about the Theranos scam.

Putting health and safety into the flow of the mainstream consciousness should be far more timely and efficient than it is. 60 Minutes ‘broke’ a story six months after the story broke on tech sites and the lag could barely have been better for ignorance and copycats. One initial title of Elizabeth Holmes’ Theranos called it The Blood Unicorn. Pretty catchy.

The podcast delivery has slowed because there are physical considerations at Cafe Prime I need to address (only have so many hours in a day, right?) but let me know if you agree or disagree that we seem to be lingering in neutral this shoulder season – the why is anyone’s guess in my opinion! Are you tech-lurking? or are you doing?

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