Scour Google Earth for Rapid Deploy Drone Bases

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Not related to the Army drone base a short distance away, the CIA and Niger confirm to the New York Times (we’re web-only subscribed through mid-2019) the development of this Niger-located drone base in the Sahara Desert.

Just a passing yellow carnation of techxiety to fuel some thoughts for the day.

You can use the video to train yourself and sift through a handful of sites and articles dedicated to the topic. And, to better prepare yourself for a future of remote executions, espionage and tomfoolery, you could also play more video games, learn to write data to memory chips ( primer ) and how to disable comms in your general vicinity.

The quick setup of such infrastructure and slow updates of satellite data in many portions of Google Earth make this task a big challenge no matter the vigilance. There’s no guarantee of any dystopic outcome but identifying bases and becoming familiar with what’s happening where can only keep you sharp; sharp against whom or what? how should I know? But in this context, sharp is good nonetheless.

Current and Future Drone Bases
Accidental reveal of clandestine airbase
from 2013, Developer locates bases
Google Earth as unmanned pilot aid

It’s not paranoia if it’s tech. We said that. It’s not always true if you find it online but it’s a heck of a mental exercise to imagine the benefits and risks of just what’s possible even if today’s technology is on the clunky side; that only means the proof-of-concepts are still justifying cheaper, smaller mass production.

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