Seeds of A Distopia

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Seeds for A Distopic Novel
Headlines taken right out of the news for Tech and Politics

:15 Welcome
:30 Introduction
2:00 AU Assistance and Access Bill
4:15 Normalizing privacy ideas
6:00 Shameless promo
7:15 Back to AU article
9:00 What is a backdoor?
11:00 SF BART (continued from yesterday’s episode)

13:45 SF Intersection danger
15:00 Music!
16:00 Re-intro/catching up
17:15 Broad & Narrow Interpretations
18:45 Trump administration

23:00 “Omarosa”
23:30 facial recognition intrigue
24:30 Amazon’s AI bombs at recognition
27:15 Fooling Facial Recognition

29:15 PGP

  • Pretty Good Privacy
  • Accidentally call it Pretty Good Protection

30:00 Cryptography android app
31:45 Real VNC

  • Completely stumbled with the name of this
  • Used it AGES ago, it’s still reliable and up to date

32:15 Last Call

Part ONE as understood by a Speech to Text software…
Because it’s entertaining!

Welcome to snakebite cafe it ideas and anxieties about Technology Tech zaidi if you will not hinder server my name is Bryan and my daddy with me and the rides on a wall it’s all over folks we’ve given up everything we’re just talking about a global together we will then just roll over and give up everything doesn’t matter anymore if you’re rich order court at a meet a July and butt of the sad truth is that all strong and is getting in on the act to get notes that fewer people know about technology the better it is for the loss of your privacy you know it’s unfortunate because it always sounds like people who are worried and anxious about technology or people who want to be more curious and more well informed about technology lead them to learn that some of the same inference that existed five and 1015 years ago still exist but the change to try and that they keep changing shape with a steady trend to its fewer people really knowing what’s going on being able to control their destinies online of what is it that all strongly as them and also go back and finish talking about some things I’ve introduced yesterday when of my mind was just to helter Skelter din of the interviews something I forgot to continue talking about tools to really a Bart and then depth of banking system in the treasury department action be a fun one of the Western Australia is done when the fire of my life of my intriguing news reader as the of their not pay me say this Samsung as two which is several years all the couple years old console looking forward replacing it by the way the atomic government of what is it called hear the on Tuesday night in realize Australia actually has a nickname the of lost its buying where it is lucky country the battle of the country has insisted that no more backdoors please we’ll need backdoors into the ISPs and the Internet Service providers will care about backdoors and your cell phones we don’t care about these things if you wish to do business here your business online you provide some sort of form of connection to the Internet direct or as save yourself the coding expertise just give us a skeleton key to go in the front door it’s called the assistance and access bill 2018 and calls for anyone using or selling Communications Services in all stray Leah to do this and they do not they will be subject to place orders of confines and whatnot and icons for that they are subject to police orders for access to private data that is what this thing needs and it is a draft by the way it does not yet exist are repeated is not yet exist this comes out on the 14th of August to 2018 in an article from from registrar don’t see it all got you can a draconian new proposals on data privacy from Wall Street of the up is the bylined to allow was an act or not a back door when the OS government says it isn’t the way Richard trouble and that was the main 94, and so for a new refresh my page that folder this 1105 comments in the past couple hours on its worth commenting on to its worth of a win over its worth being able to handle your own data it’s like being able to understand how it works and privacy works is not just the cry of freaky tech savvy gates and orcs and weaves and differences and whatever other names you come up with it is something that you should do what I guess this hardware in your house and it’s doing the thing that’s doing something with things are very private for you there are other people involved but at the heart of it with your router and your Internet connection and your data and your computer or telephone it’s you know it’s your choice is it speeds under your control it under your thumb you know what other people take over once it gets out into the wild and how it receives information from the while the wall of an estimate off that’s a little rough fighting off the coffee and sardines and use the better choice here but on I think you need to have great control and I’ll make it easy OK alleged that RT sounds like thwarted keating they are an island that anymore, learn how to fix my link are all the good will not doing your own laundry when about making sure the bed is made a certain way what about how you shower what about how the dishes are done or not done or when they get done without the heavy guard, the hard when about how much trash stays in your house before you actually take it to get removed by a ease some group we take it to the dump play through it down the chute at the end of a hallway but you really are things in your life in your house right now you are an absolute control and it’s not new with been generating trash for at least a couple decades now as a species and we’ve been living in places where we don’t want trash so this but I’d it’s so important to tie these Internet &Technology concepts into things were already familiar with Sony seamless alien so they seem more mainstream so instead of saying then you are like blacked out tacked up Frito they say why makes sense that the dishwasher OK that is the first example that came this morning louse try to figure out what I want to talk about unit at snakebite cafe and for the latest Udall is clicked and direct your browser to snakebite that CF E it is a domain of you make choices will, detergent and any use when inner IP in light of mine is a loud as a neighbor pairing doesn’t need replacing your dishwasher or you happy with your plates of that your private information that stuff you do in helps those are decisions you make well dame and so was a router so was your gateway so was a modem so was your computer so was the information that you allow to go to the Internet and like I said before with that sort of like they sold two kinda sort of in a limited way is information that comes in from the Internet with either one of with a good firewall white glass wire that I’ve been using and they’ve not the sponsor that with the code on I I’ve discovered that we’re data comes and goes some of last month it was in the GB or my Wireless Network type tablet not even a full size heavy duty computer all stray league is saying that if you like Larry data to rule on the home of the draft of the assistance an access bill 2018 calls for anyone using all were selling Communications Services of like Whitman of new services in Australia will be subject to police orders for access to private data and it includes computers phones applications social media and cloud services in the lucky country upside of rushing and try to create for days of that we’re doing lucky country of the anyone within national borders using them will consider penalties if your business in United States dollars in 7.3 $1,000,000 if anyone is Ivan RI think this is no if you look at all if you tattletale if you sell computers and then you find out that one of your users things to a police order was being taped by the end of the and you tell a user name and look out there after you like a group of people are something like that because you sympathize as a computer maker was a social of the social media owner something like trying to be the good of $7.3 million potentially five years in prison for anyone who reveals a data sloping investigation that is going on on borrowing these words right from the oracle of the end of this is only a slight the third paragraph on the link to it and there’s Poland are read by its very well written I have to say and so it is a short lead organza shortly which is good at the back door was a backdoor it is that companies create backdoor access like to be I phoned for the police so they could do a number of things on for a cell towers so they can do a number of things they can identify who was at the rally was at the concert on to the back door is the skeleton key nasty program began to give whatever law enforcement base Taiwan for police order something along those lines of IE it have to say the ott like I could play both sides that argument I get it cannot get the page like snakebite cafe you’re in an establishment is responsible for your safety there is the safety of the establishment to keep in mind as well so keeping an eye on new works both ways we want to protect snakebite cafe from any weird actions human tide and we also won to protect you from anywhere and actions people wanna take again snakebite cafe so it’s like it’s kinda tough because you can’t just throw down the accents and it’s all yes or it’s all know so the back door axis requires some pretty savvy intelligence in most cases especially considering the world of audit the espionage counterespionage intelligence counterintelligence it just keeps getting more complicated and that becomes more and more expensive especially for government entity did to decipher all of the new things that are coming along so instead of sight why not just made along that everyone involved in this transfer data house to address a literacy and the normal way to people already, though them away so tough as a backdoor is not a sneaky trick and also like playing devil’s advocate it also means that bad actors were good at finding backdoors and exploding rose vulnerabilities shouldn’t be able to find any vulnerabilities to exploit which is like teach people safer F of the Indian Trust the police order are acts next the San Francisco Bay area of in California spoke with ABC News that this article of your reading from underdog a biometric update to dock from the pole from one states on little behind on the salon read it at that time and quit I did into a message so and giving up some of our privacy that privacy also includes our faces and the bay area rapid transit which is in a public transportation system and sentences go once to explore the idea of using cameras to the best of their ability to make water is safe for which ties and what I just said ride it sound at the time they say this isn’t some kind of big brother dragnet approach this is very targeted at folks who have a warrant out for their arrest on that house a targeted to the age of electronic cameras on when they know that someone who has a war for their rest is taking one of these one of these of municipal of the modes of transportation and otherwise the cameras of return off this is a drug that’s the very definition of a dragnet unless you have specific actionable information and so it will actually which is a lead on that and we let facial recognition software do the work vats a dragnet but instead of having people you know let’s than in the corner of watching faces you have a bunch of computers using cameras watching faces deflect does that buckled all said that Bart director nick Joe saw for what it’s designed to address off a woods of upsetting Barak like Lazarus oracle three itty bitty paragraphs and on the Steven Mayhew offer is R he has lent to the ABC News seven larger addresses for visual recognition technology and cast and here we have a a much more expansive article by with actual stuff and writing of known as the director of Bart spoke with ABC via face time from North Carolina because because that makes no sense to me and that is the quote is not some big that kind of big brother dragnet approach that’s very targeted idea think that is ridiculous something else about the a San Francisco area that I just saw to that age of story here that is running some kind of the dude movie for me if the illustrates that in San Francisco certain intersections are uncontrolled don’t stop signs and traffic lights and this little movie put together by attending the stint as if the eight 817 in half after a a very long and seventies as most dangerous intersection is more thieves and its fifth most of the senate information needs to be this is actual footage full source of a Santa NT a something 2015 to 18 and astute went by so fast the grower affect the lead of this is from twiddle seeking the screen capture that that I believe this will put people to ride to the mass transit and it sold just intersection after intersection after intersection with no stoplights and no traffic direction signs very own as a redundant so I do understand why it would force people with warrants to ride public transit because it’s safer than being a pedestrian have a lot about this treasury thing I’ve talked about letting comeback in 1 minute and we will discuss it

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