Sheriff on Board? The Insecurity of Connectivity

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This is not my favorite episode. I tried a new microphone setup so the levels are here and there. I was also overcome with passion about your network security but did manage to pull out a great train analogy.

No fault of ours that we’re pressured two ways: We still buy routers even though the Gateway from our ISP’s has a router built in, and; we still only concern ourselves with PC protection and some cell phone antivirus software sometimes.

The ISP’s gateway may well have a router that leaves us wanting more so it is only natural to purchase a new one and maybe or maybe not put it in bridge mode allowing the ISP hardware to make the security connections the only ones, but that while that can extend or improve the wireless range dramatically, it doesn’t really do anything for the security.

In the episode, I get a little blush by considering all the devices cars behind an electric locomotive. It used to be there was really just a PC behind the router and modem. Now, heavens! There’s a hundred things and a smart home in many cases. That puts PC protection in a terribly useless position at the rear!

Anyhow, the logic shouldn’t escape you and if you’re crashing through choices for routers to give as gifts any time of the year, this is some good wisdom you would want to keep in your corner when hunting down the right choice. According to researchers, most of the routers for sale today shouldn’t be because their underlying processor architecture is outdated and leaves every device that connects to it vulnerable. See what I mean?

Give it a listen. It’s not the worst half hour you’ll ever have!

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