Spies of My Spies and Rules of Engagement

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Spies of My Spies and Rules of Engagement

Questions that should disqualify you from being in charge: What could possibly go wrong if someone got the information? and, How accessible could this information be in the first place? Change and counter-change is a constant evolution that requires no rest. Just as A.I. can make inferences based on data we give, so to can aggressive operators make absolute conclusions based on data they intercept.

0:30 Introduction
1:15 American Informant Deaths
3:00 “Hacky Hack Hack”

5:30 Twitter resetting API
6:00 Twitter a catch-all forum

  • QAnon
  • Conspiracies are wildly inventive

8:30 No-platforming as a term at Universties

10:00 OT, OP and OQ

  • obnoxious acronyms
  • Original Topic, Post and Question

10:45 The spies we use

  • The Wire informant, Bubbles

13:45 Make using spies make sense
14:00 Music!
15:00 Food

  • Hobnobs with Peanut Butter
  • Veggie quesadillas

16:45 Techxiety Differences
17:30 Arguing if spying is a foregone conclusion
18:45 Spying as Fair Play for progress
20:00 You can donate coffee!
20:30 Open Source as a source anxiety

  • (22:00) Crushing Hyper Casual Games by Tray Smith
    • Model and Improve
    • Active borrowing

25:30 There’s no no-spy utopia

  • Get over it

28:00 Last Call

Part One (sort of)

Welcome to say byte cafe ideas and it travels about technology Internet perhaps an anxiety saint tech zaidi if you will im Brian Wilson started OK so this is the second recording under the name for swallows what happy as sort of established that the record was: a certain direction of life issue I thought you know the people dress and snake bite cafe that kind of expect something interesting and with the spine story that wasn’t so happy song would do this again will open with a spy story I’d actually help keep things easy because of England from past episodes and we’re finding that the show notes that you can find it snakebite.cafe on the Internet was also twitter account at a face to a page and up right now it’s for snakebite but I imagine one day it’s also gonna be for the servers of snakebite and so how we began this awkward moments hear someone from foreign policy dot com everybody’s got spies right: you know that I know that spies roll over the place a response that spies botched communications between United States and its finest in China resulted in the doubts of over 30 informants between 2010 and 2012 so this is the number of informants executed in the D’Amato is higher than initially thought says form policy that, written by Zack Dorfman and this article was out yesterday the August 15, 2000 a team that was considered one of the CIA’s wars failures in decades the oracle against another postal into a course insurance and it is a media reading but this brings us back to the idea of making sure that your communication is solid and secure an encrypted properly on the way to wherever it’s going and so the art concepts of this level of the problem is really something that most of the stone normally see by the United States and government level dealing with the sort of of this sort of breakdown this what’s the worst that could happen if someone gets a hold of my data on data is something that we all enjoy secure and since we have no spies and spies and spies were not also the concept of who’s doing the slide how easy is it to go and get the information that’s is out there and so if I do a quick search for things that I had looked in earlier I see that a teenager hacked into Apple’s secure Computer Network the court was told that and the FBI was told this is from the DH dot, dot EU just yesterday we mentioned potential a dissection that all stray Lyons was trying to bring it allows with the correct police order and it allows communications providers dozen allowed dictates that communication providers would allow police front door access to a user as organization’s information there’s no backdoor anymore and I wondered that how extreme howl the salon and we’d need said something about that yesterday because it was very much lead like crazy bus down the front door wide west stuff and I’m Noah becomes a little bit more clear the story is from today but this than happening for quite a long time this is on multiple occasions over the span of the year and among the a four east got into this or is that into the house and 16 year old some are not being raised this is a agent of the drawer and they found a folder title the hacking the hack hack happy hacker or does it happened the day at the back of the team’s defense lawyer said his client become so well known in the international action committee that even mention the case in detail critics pose him to rest bob Boehm burana and so that’s a criminal article actually not wearing from Tehran ring for apple it’s just the illustration in this episode of how how accessible to the information being because of getting your like all what could go wrong did someone gets information on how you thinking all how excess of Lopid information B have you heard of all have you heard like a whole company behind those computers that party bid police around here and this guide siphoned 90 GB work of secure files any acts the access customer accounts and on just bar to learn else’s found that the school board successfully accessed all arise to ease as parties offended of that is of a may grant login access to users are said to be an extremely sick you are also that the security when I talked about things like this is fresh and someone comes in and takes over your entire plot area you’re Holding Network or all of your smart devices what’s a good thing to do reset everything a factory defaults one has triggered when the coroner who are times staff, oracle on the kind of becoming a form of everything and triggers making a lot of very strange ball choices for word and that a lot of cottage industries have latched on to their APIs for as of today on the 16200018 twitter is shutting off the old API and sold thousands of old applications that rely on the old API to connect that we’re at it and it’s stream of information and different users will be cut off is in a properly updated and this is very interesting because twittering tried to become everything for everyone has a knee and will not come ago talking about info war is and that wears on particular suspension for one week warts and all that we became just read only for week in actually like go away until the literature I don’t know but on that I heard somewhere that this list queue on non thing and I really have not much to say about that except that it is something back to the deal’s a great and now just if people were excited for conspiracies and suspicion and anxiety I’m all for anxiety and technology but I’m liable for just inventing things are the clear blue to get paranoid about the government and to wander on its something sinister is going on because you can connect with conspiracy to anyone or anything if you try hard enough you could probably I mean I am series you could probably in some weird roundabout way connects the headlight of your car and a mechanic who did or didn’t fix it to the assassination of JFK and queue a non has become sort of a pig and brown Easter egg hunts for people online who hear videos or listen to things on I went to anything but all the restore it if you ever to win on on good eighths of cryptic and it’s very peculiar and it just feeds into paranoia I kind of think a lot of technology does that because spies and spies and our technology spies have spies and tell you more about what I mean that because I haven’t slides I get my access to this information and get my access to this mirrors in my access to what we are as doing and the New York Times article which Oakley I can link to always wary about pay walls when I went to an oracle for you guys I want you to be able to visit anytime you’re you’re down the road but his pay wall between visitors unique of visitors first time visitors and the oracle itself, Payne yes then you just put up a randomly but we’re as the four rom is I think good if Perot as passive this can be in terms of in terms of speech was not seen during a plan to charge but it becomes very difficult when you went after the stains called of no platform and which is a term that’s new to me yesterday if you follow known snakebite cafe launch what are you will find a reference to your platform and and there was big public discussion about the freedom of speech and education institutions that in jeopardy because people and institutions education are saying we don’t want to hear opposing views I’d just recently going over the past couple of this odes of this broadcast and I’ll certainly not knowing what the future held I kept saying how valuable it is to hear what other people’s points if you are and so we keep an open mind and we speak kindly on and that is better on the wall here it’s a byte cafe called and so I’m just shocked that people of university and this is happening in Lynnwood united state which is a little of it just at a DOS more supplies people of university are saying no platform and don’t dare of dissenting views or place to speak and don’t let our odd the faculty or on you know for trollers are sorry sisters speak with that will be even be seen with them idea of that one got so, I would get back to my of old Pete my original post the plateau T my original topic of my Hopi and as Rizzoli someone someone said you’re coke you your original question what can people dispel any more leads me to figure all these things out of current and sit through some of the oracle’s update to my spies in clue what how I’d keep track of what areas to keep track of and I thought about how this falls down falls down into some other news today with the conformance and China that all spies some people here is a wire like some people are just bobbles Bowles was a character in a wire who had a crack addiction problem but she is problem allowed him to mix in certain trouble circles of drug dealers and informed for the police are not giving anything away that is a toothless and the wired you can still see it be surprising entertained and that character was played so convincingly that all of you is to slip outrageous lie low people went to the actor apparently they would tell like a gradual office staff man the actors I was so funny by descending funny in a tragic where are you the show was off the air but informants and spies, two different things the spine network that you use tells you that a pitcher house it tells you the fueling your car it tells you got to go out your Openview of smart home device chamberlain which connects to your garage on yelp indicators of a larger trend you can’t be expected to go and redo a person oracle but if you get the first paragraph and the title of the offer and the date of publication and then even if you get just a fraction of the first paragraph and title and how many days ago it was published you get the idea whether not you want drill down even higher and finally get to an oracle that’s of interest you so in that respect we’ll always utilized Spires was not nation states that I’m talking about maybe this’ll seen, stupid but think about what retailers have to do to get information that’s good for their land, don’t necessarily have to figure out what you know drill down to and your shoe size to figure out what to Bihac and altered by the grocery store but tracking your phones blue tooth signal wireless signal to establish what I’ll that you walk in did you buy anything from that file did you not buy anything from that I’ll do stop in standard for 2 minutes to do activate your phone while you’re there did you did you not to do that a walkout after 2 minutes that means you spend 2 minutes on the phone caller testing or maybe that means he spent 2 minutes debating whether or not to buy a box of something so someone who looks and all of that data is in many ways similar to me looking at what tablet and all of the new streams that I have sort of program to tell me what’s happening day by day are what happened yesterday I get to pick and choose health for download drill into what it’s like you may be seen on the ad but now that kind of wannabe devils advocate icon one play it both ways I have a hard time and overturned saying that there’d Sakhalin same with maybe something will come with me come come to me and the time that we have available here next of kin its meaning that it’s music but I think it’s important to begin the charred sympathized spies because we can’t make them go away and we can’t just shut out what we don’t wanna hear so we’re gonna have to play ball somehow and we’re gonna have to make it make sense to the way we live and then take an active interest and active role in shaping the world around us to resemble how we behave locate that’s a good and Antoine here is some music will see one of

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