Back to Long Form recording on this one using the news to inform and reinforce the opinion that you cannot sit by and stop learning about what’s going on. There’s a niche (for now) need to get yourself into virtual reality. Even Facebook’s Oculus would be the way and if you do, you can catch some of the best new content as creators double-down on efforts to attract quality rather than customers (hoping to attract them, not direct them inward).

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For what it’s worth to you,
we’ve been shy about method
and brazen about content in a manic push
to calculate the best way to move
from concept to publishing as smoothly as possible.

The real reason is that some episode Part One’s are recorded twice after the host establishes a more concrete idea on review. This adds up to a very big waste of time if the workflow for podcasting is still floundering around and being hammered out. Maybe you know?

We love to have the time to publish those revisions instead of miss a day.

Hardware and software discussed…

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