Technology Boom to Doom

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Technology Boom to Doom
Can We Get Some Green Tech Up In This Sinking Ship?

We begin with a great deal of yesterday con’t since I forgot to mention two other items that I thought struck well with the conversation of Free Speech; I also throw a few minutes of my middle school experience when it comes to feeling like I was on the outside of a movement. After that, ‘clearing the tables,’ I call it, we visit very quickly some concepts of Technology and its progress ramping up to disaster. It’s almost too easy to be hyper-anxious about where this recklessness will lead.

0:13 Welcome
0:30 Cleaning the tables

10:00 L.A. Shadeballs
12:00 Permafrost Lakes
14:00 The Black Squirrel

15:30 Music!
16:30 Re-intro
17:30 Cell phone spam calls interrupting

  • constantly

18:00 Apocolyptic talk
20:00 Coffee (no food today)
20:30 Rock Wool con’t
22:00 50 meter sea rise

24:45 Pet Peeve about extracting resources…
27:30 We won’t discuss sinkholes
28:30 Appalachian Trails and Range

31:00 Nextcloud as a personal data horde tool

  • Make your own survival guide!
  • Don’t publish it

34:00 Last Call…

Congratulations, you made it this far. We all made it this far. There’s a lot of very serious issues concerning technology. These issues affect biology, global wellness and a survival of humanity; you look at all the data and all of the information and all of the speed and this, “WOW” factor. “When I’m at home and at the office, oh my! This is great! I’m the fastest employee/binge watcher/news reader/video gamer here.”

On the other side of this and what some companies and countries are realizing: The data centers and the storage facilities are generating outstanding amounts of heat and the energy that they’re using is generating outstanding amounts of heat and pollution.

However, more responsible companies are turning to sustainable forms of energy. Less responsible countries and companies are in entrenched in older styles of energy production that are so far more advanced that they are now creating more hazards to the land and the people around them than ever imagined – I hate to go down the Earth Day path – but I live here! Even if something is not happening in my backyard, it’s absolutely relevant and important that I know what’s taking place.

My world is very small. But thunderstorms can come from all directions and they affect me directly although it’s not personal and in my backyard. Pollution and aquifers going dry, chemicals being released, toxic clouds, sea levels rising; no, it won’t happen tomorrow but its accelerated pace, brought to us by backward thinking, is causing accelerated damage: How far into my son’s life will this familiar environment last?

Relative to my life, natural cycles are already a lot unfamiliar. Weather patterns, totally different. The birds and insects are making different noises at different times of year than they used to even 25 years ago. I know because I pay attention. I urge you to get your head in the news, take a look at some of the links. Inform yourself about what ways technology is being advanced at the cost of where we live.

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