The Atmosphere is Right for Privacy Concerns

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The Atmosphere by Little Glass Men
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Privacy Policies by Glass Boy

The Atmosphere is Right for Privacy Concerns

0:13 Introduction
1:00 WSJ!
1:30 Pocophone F1

  • Maker profitable
  • Xiaomi 25% tariff?

3:00 I love Ireland
4:00 Eastern Japan News

4:30 MyPersonality

  • Facebook app disallows privacy app

6:00 Guidelines updated for privacy globally
7:00 Apple app store cuts Facebook

8:45 Hummingbird sighting
9:15 Facebook app con’t
11:00 Internet Blocks

  • Nation sponsored blocks

13:30 Smart home privacy win

  • EFF
  • Fourth Amendment applies

15:30 Break
16:30 Re-intro
17:30 Encrypted Chat

  • Wickr
  • Circumventing Internet Blocks

19:00 Food
20:00 article

  • Egyptian revolution

21:00 Psyphon, Circumvention service

  • University Toronto’s Citizen’s Lab

23:00 simple talking about

  • Domain-fronting
  • Amazon and Google not allowing Domain fronting

26:00 TOR browsers make all users look alike

  • one technique for anonymity

27:30 Terrible coffee math
28:00 Walmart’s eBook offering

29:30 “VPN options” as a search
30:30 Last Call

A nice clean little episode – As the world burns and as the nation of the United States begins to wobble on its axis and different things hit the news and privacy and minimum wages and human rights are taking up more and more of the air time they deserve, online privacy is becoming more transparent, more of an issue and more tested than ever before. One aspect of privacy we don’t talk about in this episode is the Dark Web.

The internet began as a dark and mysterious place full of anonymity, full of good things to learn, good people bringing good messages and internet trolls creating difficulties for the good people of the internet. The dark web is still in its infancy but echoes a lot of what we used to see in the 90’s with the internet. The enterprising among you may find learning about the Dark Web will get you to the internet 2.0

The internet 2.0 and learning how to circumvent nation internet blocking; learning how to maintain your privacy and keep your information yours and learning how to exploit the new secrecy of the dark web may put you out front far enough to put some of your techxieties at ease. You can look back and tell the rest of us things we need to know and things we need to keep in mind to maintain our dignity and independence online in this shrinking world rather than waiting for large companies to heed the rally calls of their customer bases and do it for us.

You want to be a pioneer? I encourage that. You want to learn more than you know now? I encourage that too!

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