There's No F in Electricity

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Song in the Middle:
Drill Bits

There’s No F in Electricty
The Power’s Out At Snakebite and That’s Dark Irony Since Yesterday’s Episode Was About Survival
Lessons From The Other Side of Technology (Where electrons don’t go)

Funny story – at the post office today saddling up a pony with an important parcel I needed signed on delivery for confirmation and I heard a son, shipping goodies off to college ahead of himself, explain to his mom that he didn’t know how address zip codes work. In his words, “I’m a 21st century kid! We just email.” Hmmm. The organizational, General to Specific method is paralleled in emails and of the utmost importance at college, work and in most of the world! Are we in trouble here? Funny comment on his part, but a sad commentary too.

0:13 Welcome
0:20 Rehash yesterday
1:30 Introduction
2:00 Lady’s pants pockets
2:30 Asia Argento

  • Open Mind
  • Speak Kindly

3:00 Power Outage Lessons
4:30 Figuring how items connect

  • WiFi? Bluetooth? Router? etc
  • An important pre-calculation

6:30 Little LED Battery Lantern
8:30 Gifting – Power Bank (link below)

  • 20,000 mah
  • 1 and 2.1 Amp USB ports

11:30 At least one battery-powered clock
12:00 Turn off large appliances
13:30 Power Outage crash course

  • Go Bag
  • Keep unplugged entertainment

15:30 Music!
16:15 Re-intro

  • (odd sound levels, sorry)

17:30 A recorded episode message to a friend…
20:30 “Crystal Clear” controversy

22:00 Remembering sacrifice
22:30 Bitcoin energy use
24:30 A nickel saved is a nickel earned
25:00 Power Banks

  • unsafe is dangerous

26:30 Camping stove testimony!

  • Butane I keep saying Bunson
  • You don’t need Max flame

29:00 Learning online today
30:00 My logic folds the Universe

  • For a fraction of a second

31:00 ALA teaching and learning websites
31:45 Business Insider 43 learning websites list

32:15 Last Call…

Even when the power is on, are you a survivor? Does keeping your money in the manner of penny saved, penny earned, qualify to you as a survival skill? We can learn survival skills for when the power’s out even while the power is on. We can turn these skills into second nature at time when we don’t need them. This is when those skills will be most effective when we do need them.

What puts to the forefront of our minds the important details we need to know to survive when survival matters? Is it just the details of this podcast episode? No. It’s one year of potential disaster where you imagine your life turned upside down and you respond not just by laughing nervously about it after the fact after the danger has passed, but by getting an action list or role playing the disaster and working out what it would take to confront those challenges head-on successfully.

Things like this podcast will remind you to contact a parent when you need a battery! Things like drills of emergencies are absolutely no fun and you don’t have to do them. But if you turn preparation into a fun night of deprivation, (read: Camping) you may find a great deal of emotional fulfillment in times where need is not needed. You can turn important lessons into mnemonic devices so that when a crisis hits, it’s easy to remember how to help and get help.

As an example, the computer keycode for help is F1. When practicing survival outside of the need for survival, the POCOPHONE F1 has all the features of a smartphone that costs a thousands bucks but THIS phone costs only $300 bucks. It’s coming to the EU and the States. It’s coming to people who are smart; it’s coming to survivors.

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