Three Bears in The News

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Intro: Thunder Perfect Mind Outro: 10trump Song in the Middle: California Lullaby and Old Western Firefight and What If?

There’s a great deal of power in the news roll! We could have borrowed the “Lions” euphemism but with Russia’s Cold War antics, the polar bear seemed a better fit. As if encouraging the effort from on high, I’m humbled to say the music’s timing in this episode was one happy accident after another – it’s all mixed after the talk and this episode flows.

It doesn’t take much of a moron to get me climbing the café walls about Net Neutrality. Which ever your stance, it’s most important to me that we’re all on the same page as to what it actually means. The double-talk and trickery involved with persuasive arguments and fallacies employed over the past dozen years have turned most of the public’s brains to mush on the subject.

The FCC abandoned the post of guarding over a neutral internet. California has enacted its own laws to protect consumers. The Department of Justice is wasting no time suing California since the FCC can’t (it abandoned its say). There are legal in’s and out’s that require lawyer speak, but California is our first bear – as the most passionate part of the episode, we nail down exactly what the café’s feelings are in plain speak.

P.S. Net Neutrality is NOT free speech.

The privacy of anyone using the Internet is a hottie. Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the Internet, can still be heard saying that this isn’t the way he’d imagined things. Really. He’s still talking, writing and inventing and he says this isn’t the way he’d imagined things.

With guarded details, he’s popped up to the surface to remind us with more teases that he’s developing a new web to make privacy a currency for all of us, not just data mongers. Tim Berners-Lee ought to know how. The WWW World Wide Web is his doing. From the way it looks and behaves to what the correct usage is in writing… Now he’s preparing to point us to Solid apps through Inrupt. Will it be as easy as www?

P.S. The web (World Wide Web) is NOT the entire Internet.

Finally, from a piece on the Facebook page, we hit on the Cold War Bear, Russia, in an older story about their intrusion into the web that manages the US power infrastructure. This violation of sovereignty carries great offense but since Trump un-did Obama-era cyberattack safeguards, the USA can initialize a first strike to any perceived threat via an uncoordinated cyberattack. Getting caught in US infrastructure again would likely trigger Trump’s mouse button finger.

P.S. Almost certainly a left-click.

There’s a lot to see from the sidelines and nothing’s trivial. Come on in, the place is a little dusty and the smell of wood stain shouldn’t bother you too much. There’s a lot to cover!

The rousing SB822 text
Bear Berners-Lee with Solid
Cyberattack First Strike

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