We should license access to different internet tiers, or try harder

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So fresh, I’m still pondering some elaborate and elegant words to lead into the discussion…

A few news items struck me as more than just “duh,” moments. Between posting on the Facebook Page and Twitter handle, it crept up on me what some of our collective carelessness could mean for the future of surfing the Internet.

There’s a destiny, despite all the love for open and free access to the Internet through the world wide web, that’s already spelled out and tried and tested going on eighty years or so. The restrictions placed on communications via radio could readily be slapped on the Internet.

Should they be? It’s no small conversation.

The article I read in the paper, Trial wall at WSJ
and similar vulnerabilities for military drones.
On the commercial end, AT&T’s flip reply to their 5G lie.
AT&T Plans to Fire 7,000 People Despite Tax Breaks, Net Neutrality Repeal

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