Weaponizing Free Speech to Decry Free Speech

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It’s just so sad to see such a large portion of the Internet get sucked in to various forms and acts of hate speech without realizing it in many instances. Items of public interest aren’t getting the attention they deserve from the distraction. While not every response can be buddhist or a perfect smackdown conversation stopper, too many people are missing the point of what Free Speech really is. Love started it; hate has created anything…

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  • Free speech
  • Fair use
    • Interpretation
    • Self-serving

7:15 Turner Broadcasting

  • Backroom deals
  • Self-serving?

9:15 Choose your Reaction

  • Free speech’s secret entry

10:00 Apple’s apps in China
11:45 I’m learning Japanese :)
12:00 Twitter’s toying with free speech

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14:30 Relying on filters to protect Free Speech
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18:45 A little love and vanity go a long way
20:00 Could the conversation over Free Speech be the poison of our time?

  • Listening guarantees better free speech
  • Nice folks are being MEAN!

22:15 WSJ sneaks in
23:15 Volcker

28:00 Banks might ask for public help

  • LISTEN – (it’s probably not a trick)

29:00 My counter-revenge experience
30:00 Last Call…

Revenge takes a lot of your energy away from family, you and others who depend on you. Revenge is taking over the internet and it’s not the free speech we used to have in mind. There was a cry years and years ago about and by people trying to identify their sexualtiy; trying to identify how they fit in the world and with Twitter and with the Internet, they began to find other people who shared the same questions, who had the same feelings. It wasn’t that suddenly everyone became bisexual or homosexual or lesbian or the BLTG community of Q’s and all the others overnight – they’d been there, but quietly.

People spoke out and it confused a lot of people with different concerns and suddenly there was a big dialogue about what it meant to be mainstream (what was inside it or outside it). Was mainstream bad? Mainstream is artificial. Mainstream is wherever you plunk your butt. That’s mainstream; whatever’s around you. With the rapid microblogging services came the ability to find the like-minded people. It was good.

Then, other like-minded folks who also felt marginalized (and had also been quietly) but were narrow-minded and weren’t questioning their own sexuality found each other also through the same tools. They reacted to the announcements of sexual independence with their own messages. The catalyst may have been an election; it may have been the president, it may not have been. It may have just been the existence of these tools and prominence they play in today’s society.

(Though good and bad are human constructs, let’s say…) it’s true that some messages are bad and it’s true that some messages are good; what I was responding to initially was a message that said, “You can be angry, but don’t become bitter. You can be angry, but don’t refuse to talk. You can be angry, but don’t forget to love.” ~John Paul Lederach

The first mistake made with the ideals of free speech in mind came from the belief that “if you’re not with us, you’re against us.” Right or left or red or blue or queer or straight or male or female or young or old – I don’t care which or what or when – that mentality makes you wrong. Everything that follows may damn well be an escalation of what you started. Do better. Don’t take the bait that free speech is just for you OR that someone else feels it’s just for them.

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