What is this, "Snakebite Cafe," you're hearing?

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As of early August 2018, I can tell you that behind this green door, a safe and insulated meeting place for meetings of the minds and risk eaters of the futures our collective techxiety plagues our thoughts with. DIY Do It Yourselfers are welcome, Build Your Owners are welcome and, really, damn near anyone is welcome with this in mind:

Keep and open mind,
speak your thoughts with a kind mouth,
and we’ll get through this.

Whatever it is. Whatever it is, we can certainly talk about; it’s a cafe! for Pete’s sake. We’re free to think, leave our cell phones on vibrate and delve into just what’s possibly wrong with tech today and tomorrow. If vanguards aren’t looking forward, then it’s our backsides in the end.

Let’s be those guys…

Our servers worry greatly, think deeply and pour liberally. Come on in, listen, read (see the comical transcription near-AI provides of the first half of early episodes) and jump in.

What’ll it be? A.I.? Job loss from mechanization? Spyware, spy tech, cell phones, consumer data, “the” Administration, the ISPs, drones, monocultures? ethics in tech? General global snookery? Let’s have at it! Two parts, one an opposition, and two, most constructively, a proposition – perhaps small, perhaps unlikely, perhaps the incarnate of a grassroot underdog, but a proposition just the same. It’s not always easy, but it’s kind of a must.

Episode numbers? Nah. Techxiety and worry doesn’t abate and expire. It’s good in all ways at all times.

The Owner.