Wild West Stick'em Up Heists!

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Wild West Stick’em Up Heists!
“Your Data or your Money or your Life…”

“Your money or your life…” was a comedic setup from The Benny Hill Show in radio production days. Benny Hill, scrooge title character being mugged, was silent. “Well?!” The mugger demanded – “I’m thinking!!! I’m thinking…” and comedy gold was cemented forever. This news cycle so resembles, Your data or your money or your life, that I couldn’t believe the pressures we’re under! Unscripted, here are the notes…

0:15 Welcome
0:30 Introduction
1:30 Firefox add-on Web Security

  • Logged websites visited
  • GDPR violation

4:15 VPN exploit VORACLE attack

  • Real VNC mention again
  • Vulnerable: Compression before Encryption
    • I constantly forget that order in the episode

8:30 Stark Bitcoin Warning

  • Adoption up, but…
  • at rates equal to Internet global adoption around 1998

12:15 Old ATM hack
13:30 Bank heist coming!
14:45 Thievery factoid
15:00 Music!
16:15 Re-intro
17:00 Nationwide bank heist con’t
18:45 Cryptocurrency Wallfle con’t

  • Question to ask for BTC investing
  • Photoshop version in 1998: 5.0

21:15 Web Security

25:00 Free

26:30 Cryptocurrency loss depression
27:30 VPN/router setup concept

30:00 Open Source flirts
31:45 Last Call Flop

The U.S. suicide prevention line is free and open 24 hours per day: Call 800-273-8255

Part ONE as understood by a Speech to Text software…
Because it’s entertaining!

Welcome to snakebite cafe on your server Bryan goody and the year tech ideas and anxieties NASA we’re all about today we might just learned that over the weekend one of these weekends we will all be loved how to just yesterday I was saying it as a Manager Richard four were all in this together while we may get our proof to the FBI has made some dire warnings and so too has the of ceo of of calling bates made some interesting observations and so that is multiple currencies are experiencing some real change in the way people are perceiving them and others of course always the worry of much of privacy and protection while only if you use mosel fire flocks in an interesting web security to make you are wed seek care is there watching you and stealing your browsing history and surprise that’s a simple once open with that web security is a fire fox and one that is not yet gotten to chrome why people of Pakistan and here is a hot here is a screen shot it’s called web security with Faye of the very sort of fraud and it’s almost a meaningless logo that a couple triangles that are put together in a way that could conceivably be the latter WR Battista sort of like a graphic symbol that a student might make its school so web security by web security web security actively protect fuel from Al where tempered web sites were fishing sites that game to steal your personal data and a fire fox which is that you can do this their permissions instigating a browser and had it won the background so double game users who did so and after 1/4 million downloads they begin to say he has worried the hall and dislikes some weird hop behavior and they were tracing the behavior of their computer and the traffic that comes and goes perhaps someone you know sheared snakebite cafe has talked about firewalls on a dash like a just a Soho but they pay me one day I love firewalls at the computer level I’m OK with firewalls of the router level but the computer level of it’s just awesome so someone with granular view of their of their traffic said dawn to there’s a weird http address that this is sending information to this web security thing every time I go to page uses little itty bitty delay what was doing its base like reading a lot of where the browser came from and where the browser was going to end it also associated a unique user ID with the user’s computer so wallet didn’t know enough the user’s name it didn’t matter because if it was installed number one a 6321 it sort of latched on a user ID based on that unique installation number than Sherman aspect of the server that was sending information to means that it falls under that GDP are where you do not track personally identifiable information and some somebodies that man a lot of trouble is a Moselle Moselle of firefighters and log and just last week they said it’s fantastic and then after this came out to send saying anything that is removable a post that we never said that from what all logged on and there’s ways on and so it still available and I wanted to tell you if you like having your browsing is for selling for whatever reason usweb security and the and the development of a chroma extension is ongoing to lead to oracle what else are you have the PM so I keep telling you about virtual private networks and a total of just how NATO they convene if you do the right bloc in reading up on that because there’s a lot of information to understand about virtual private networks and as to just yesterday I mentioned, get along again this thing that I used to use and not do we allow me to check my Home Computer when I was its school and it was called action to check my own show notice chemical submit my little by little reference here that you can use two real fee and sea and so that creates a network connection to a computer and it is a real DNC is a DNC fewer and you can put on just about anything really windows Mac limits were as berry pie Los Andrew Lloyd home of you put on a blast willing to settle shall be a crime to chrome book is also an operating system Solaris age pu XM and it’s not without one and AIX I’m gonna get server line which is so veto is long since thought to have been a wonderful things, but from two computers a lot of of retirees to get jobs console thing they use a protected encrypted tunnel to do contract work after the retired from government work and the gladden continued playing other people of work by doing the jobs on automation’s, lender and the and get your real name here for oracle attack can actually recover information in pieces from a virtual private network of connection what does is not new to all but it sort of mixes and matches the bus components of three different things crime time and breach IE god of the human guests while putting those together they can analyze kind of cool one where and this is the of the important part is there’s there’s encryption and there’s compression till day when you compress something you take all that information in a squeeze it down and was smaller pact for KB and you sort of encode it and then someone the other side to decode and so there’s a whole on encryption coding decoding the compression part may compression and on to the encryption happens I just read it and I would say backwards because II actually I only know the part two of this that I say to support one on Emily directly from bleeding computer dot top of the discoverer duffy’s discover that the theoretical points of those attacks were still vowed like in some type of EPA and traffic and the VP in service clients that compress traffic before encrypting are still viable talk and there we go on so compressing the edges and again I said that was compressing it before encrypting good good good because of diets and did some work in the kitchen lately and neither of those two things happened on these leftovers of that no new food stories for the man I wish I did it was my final don’t call it a lamb lollipop that was my final thing of lance lynch lamb roast stop once again I’m looking out the window of the two things happening it so exciting to people in a Federal Express truck what what of its time a short Federal Express and it’s crazy to people and hail and some kind folks coming to look in the house next door that is for sale to the dryness, so the audit the surrealist agents to the man they have no choice but to just fall under her spell so-compression before encryption is no way yet don’t wanna go your own crew should compile cryptic as soon as possible and doing with information solely to the juicy stuff then I’d mention pick: we will come back by the way to a secure a virtual private networks vpns the globe of what: as calling waste ceo makes bus door warning that was the best I can the Ford stock, which is not gonna call and ask for me to read articles like that the good: in crypto currency adoption rates around the world are growing but not fast enough prices are falling that it’s OK and it would seem a lot of tumult in the Bickel and market what I didn’t know until I read this is that somewhere around December early January this year to meeting December last year on the site the cost of one date: in nine U.S. dollars and nearly touched 20 foul was and that’s amazing that you know Spanish our listening to some of the stork of the songs of snakebite cafe and you and your name word that Starbucks and the company that owns the New York Stock Exchange the intercontinental exchange will and Microsoft are all working together to form a backed a bit: a marketing on exchange and active bit: market that they’re taking a look at using a paragraph of one of the stains 1¢ paragraphs these on the Internet startups was recently forced to real bad for report’s it is working with Microsoft and York stock exchange are intercontinental exchange on a new digital platform that will allow its customers to use bit: and other currencies at its outlets have low way of the corn prices currently around $6000 per round time that be a cake eight T was announced on the fund judging this this very sparse graph correctly to… Of the cost to pick one got really hyper and came very close to 10,000 certainly went to about the data on to G a man in this interview calling the Ceo Brian Armstrong be a monarchy trip so casual here of the lineup Armstrong says that the adoption of crypto currencies right now and should be mentally you know if you’re looking for good exercise their thinking exercise remember 1998 when about 3% of the global population had Internet penetration that is roughly where crypto currencies are now bit: encrypted currency adoption globally not you know in your neighborhood on my neighborhood actually unlike a ferry long decimal of a vehicle and somewhere the fat wallet hasn’t been stolen from the home that can ease the minds of the underdog site now I have no idea of that put a key somewhere and then now as a child in my house and that piece of paper can be anywhere all pleaded not ingested so the Internet in 1994 or 1998, all of this there’s a real weird separation here on the Internet in 1994 net is about where they say things were not as raft that says the Internet in 1998 I’m not been split the difference and this can say it’s wrong even right there and the security of crypto currency is something that people are super curious about and you’re trying to adapt to other uses when we spun out people can seem to attack anything anywhere and one of the best hats long long time ago even if he didn’t think it was a hack was to be illegal to an ATM and convince it that you were there to perform maintenance on it as a machine are certainly you are tempting fate if you do this on a regular basis with your plenty of savvy the teams who learned to work the world around them and they’re going ATM enter a special code that code was created by the manufacturer and was supposed to be changed by the vendor to every time the technician when and where they would have to save the vendor wants to code mad I mean how hard would it be given a four or six digit code to the ATM love most vendors didn’t create a code so the default codes think default router password most of the time the default code still working you can fake being a maintenance worker at the ATM from the company that made it that’s terrible terrible security and with as many people not doing things to the routers and gateways and modems you can easily imagine the vendors did one of the trouble that is one of the sell their you know beer and wine and sodas and bubble, chips and gasoline and get people out on believable of the verge that, the FBI has one bank said ATMs will likely face the global attack by criminals in the coming days the FBI was tipped off to the cyber criminals would hack payment card processors or banks and use ATMs summer making this up all over the world to withdraw millions of dollars over the course of a few hours was recorded on crimes on security cuts by and crabs no relation high on the server Brian Krebs a scary said the FBI share this information about some Friday and then Krebs got the information that’s out IE believe this is today a thing of DG a fresh no one did you one day late summer in some ways it’s not as fresh as one big cats and a small banks that are closed on weekends could be the targets all of a large banks have the to have the money and the wherewithal to create improve security for their a unit for the customers basically this is on getting this very close to the music and a line like to find something online and put there for listening pleasure to acquit of the call stack before I go for instance between 2000162000172.4000000 dollars was pilfered from a bank in Virginia that’s one day in a series of banks after hackers push the bank system and withdrew cash from ATMs in two separate withdraws at according to Krebs which I see on the verge which women talk more about each in 1 minute to

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